10 Ways to Maintain Your Hair’s Strength and Shine

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Some of us are born with beautiful and healthy hair; the second group includes ladies who are not endowed with such hair, but they may still work hard to get the same results. Those who have lost their sheen, lustre, and softness as a result of poor health, improper hair care practises, and even nutritional inadequacies fall into the third group. We’ve compiled a list of hair-healthy practises you must follow if you want silky, healthy hair. You can’t do anything to your hair that’s going to cause it to be damaged or harmed in any way, shape or form! Use a shampoo and conditioner designed for dry hair if you have it.

Get healthy locks by eating well. Make sure you’re getting enough protein, vitamins, iron, and minerals. To help remove toxins from the body, make sure you’re getting plenty of fluids in. Hair ought to be treated with respect and care. Make sure to avoid tangling and split-ends by avoiding things like brushing your hair when it’s damp or letting it loose while you sleep. Always wear a scarf over your hair when going outside to protect it from the sun’s UV radiation and pollution. You may need to complement your diet with vitamin, iron, or cod-liver supplements, depending on your own needs.

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