Black and brown-skinned creatives share their favourite self-care products.

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“There are so many inspiring tales of Black and brown creatives in Hollywood, and I’ve had the pleasure of sharing a few of them with you this month! For #BlackGirlMagic, I wanted to offer the girls a chance to write a love letter to their dark and brown skin and all of the moments they felt tiny and confident. “I had identity issues throughout most of my adolescence and early adulthood. It took a lot of self-reflection and prayer for me to overcome my self-doubt and learn to appreciate the things that made me special.” “Skincare products have a special place in my heart.

Face masks will be my indulgence. For any skin problem, there are several choices available. For as long as I’m in this business, I want to keep collaborating with Black artists.” It’s critical, in my opinion, that we have full control over our public image across all platforms. It’s a brand I’ve been using more and more in my makeup bag, and it doesn’t disappoint!

As a result, “they’re always out of stock” since their concealers are so fantastic. Every day is a day of celebration for me because I love Black history! Perfumes are my favourite self-care items. Perfume has become an art form for me since I am a fragrance person.

Hairspray, shears and the Tangle Teezer are all I need to get the job done! Whatever you want to do, I can make it happen! ” I keep my Tresemme One Step Smooth in both my kit and my carry-on bag. I can do all of my hair’s demands in an one step. My Curl Queen The Glove is a must-have whenever I leave the house.

Detangling tools aren’t necessary for me. So, that concludes my washday and wardrobe journal. My hair (called Afro) looked like Aunt Jemima when I worked at MAC, and it wasn’t humorous. Another occasion, a customer insultingly inquired whether I was the star now that I was being photographed and highlighted. The majority of our suffering comes from within our own social circles. Achieve your goal by pushing ahead and focusing on the end goal.”

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