Body Lotion For Dry Skin – How to Choose the Best

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Body Lotion For Dry Skin – How to Choose the Best

Everyone wants to have smooth and silky dry skin. But if you don’t care for your skin well, the problem gets worse. Dry skin can be prevented from happening and moisturised, but you need to find what works best for your body. The following are tips for what to do for dry skin:

First of all, if your dry skin is not caused by weather, it could be allergies. Many things can cause allergies, and these include different types of chemicals that you may use in your body moisturiser or shower gel. Always read the ingredients of any product you want to use on your body. If you see anything that you are allergic to, then avoid using that ingredient on your body. You can still use a good quality lotion.

When you are buying your body moisturiser or shower gel, look for natural ingredients. Organic ingredients are perfect for the skin, and they are also safer than artificial ones. The main advantage is that they won’t cause any side effects. Natural body moisturisers are better than cosmetic creams that contain chemicals. They are also better for your health.

Extra dry skin – this is mainly caused by the winter season. Extra dry skin often comes with it some extra warm weather and long exposure to the sun. To combat the condition, you should apply some lotion at night before you go to sleep. This should be done every night, and you should start after washing your face in the morning. Using hand lotion can make your job easier since it covers more area.

How to find the best body moisturiser? The best body moisturisers have a few things in common. They contain mostly plant oils or natural waxes; they contain emollients (such as shea butter), contain antioxidants (such as vitamin E), and are free from fragrance and colouring agents. These substances ensure rich nourishment that retains the moisture without leaving any feeling of greasiness or clogging your pores.

The best body lotion for dry skin contains the essential fatty acids that can increase the collagen level and improve elasticity. Most importantly they provide a natural source of antioxidant that improves your body’s ability to fight off the damaging effects of the sun. The most important essential fatty acids are linoleic, stearic and palmitic acid. The other fatty acids that are also great for your skin’s health and appearance are: lauric acid, stearic acid and capric acid.

The most effective body lotion for dry skin will not have any artificial preservatives or fragrances. The parabens are man-made chemicals that act as a preservative. When used over a long period, they cause an accumulation of the wrong kind of sugar in your bloodstream which eventually causes you to develop an illness called breast cancer. The essential fatty acids mentioned above have been shown to reduce the production of this sugar. So by choosing an all-natural, paraben-free body lotion for dry skin, you are reducing your risk of cancer.

It would help if you never used body lotion for dry skin that contains alcohol. This is because excessive alcohol can dry out the skin even more, and in some cases, can cause permanent damage. Instead, look for alcohol-free lotions, preferably one that has grape seed oil in it. The grape seed oil helps to naturally moisturize the dry skin while at the same time improving elasticity and firmness. A good quality lotion for dry skin does not need to contain fragrance ingredients to be effective – fragrance oils can sometimes cause allergic reactions and irritate your skin in the process.