Choosing the Best Colours For Dark Skin Tone Women

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Girlistan - Choosing the Best Colours For Dark Skin Tone Women

There is no single recipe for the best colours to wear with Indian women. There are, however, general colour concepts that one should pay attention to while selecting an outfit and a shade of lipstick that matches best with complexion and skin tone. Such a look can work wonders both on and offline. Indian brides have been known to go for red shades for their weddings whereas shades like pink, orange and yellow are highly suitable for engagements and other functions.

Shade One: The basic rule to determine the colours to wear with Indian women is based on the complexion and tone. If the skin is creamy, a light shade of red or a shade of rose will suit the girl. However, if she has dry skin or an oily complexion, she should go for deeper shades such as pink or light blue. This is because pink and light blue are the two most flattering colours for women with this kind of complex skin. Women with white skins will look good in all the shades of pink. Similarly, those with black skins will be ideal in all shades of blue.

Shade Two: The second colour concept to keep in mind is based on complexion’s undertone. Those who have red undertones can wear red, pink, or purple shade depending upon how their skin reacts to it. Those with yellow undertones can wear orange, green or blue depending on how they wish to portray themselves. A bride with a strawberry blonde skin can match herself with any shade of pink or even maroon. However, if she wishes to portray herself as a passionate redhead, she can wear deep red lipstick.

Shade Three: The undertone of the complexion determines the third shade. Those who have warm undertones will look great in light gold colours. Gold is also the colour that best compliments dark skin and looks good with tanned skins. On the other hand, those with cool undertones will look good in earthy shades such as tans, browns and greens. Tans and browns are excellent choices as they help balance the warmness of the colour and make it appear more natural.

Shade Four: It is important to know that the final colour that is picked should depend on the woman’s complexion. It would not be advisable to choose a dark shade for an oval-shaped face as such colours do not flatter everybody. Similarly, it would not be a good idea to choose dark shades for women with a long neckline and short hairline. Neither will you want to stick to light colours for a round face. Therefore, it is important to know the shape and figure of the complexion to pick the right shade.

The fifth and final option is to pick colours that compliment each other. If the shade which one is using complements the shade that another woman has used, then both these colours will complement each other. However, colours need not always be the same shade. For example, a beautiful shade that suits an Asian woman’s complexion can turn out to be too dark for a European woman with an ashen complexion.

Colours can either be light or dark. Therefore, to keep things simple and create a balance, it is better to go with a lighter shade. Many women have great skin tone and still choose dark coloured hair, makeup, and so on. However, the problem with dark-skinned women is that they have to constantly camouflage their darker-toned skin to keep their complexion looking natural.

In conclusion, many different aspects need to be considered while choosing the best colours for dark skin tone women. Firstly, it is important to remember that shade and colour do not have to be the same shade, and the colour which appears to be the best choice may not suit your skin tone. Secondly, you should choose a colour that compliments your complexion. A good example would be a light shade such as lilac, which would look best on most people with a warm tone of complexion.