Fashionable Hair Accessory Styles from the 1990s: 4 Ideas

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Fashionable Hair Accessory
Photo by Dazzling & Hypnotic
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Hair accessories, like everything else from the 1990s, are having a moment. The nostalgic products trending in real life and on social media include velvety hairbands, butterfly clips, and statement headbands. As a result, regardless how much you may have despised them in the past, they’re making a comeback as must-haves in beauty vanities 

Celebrities and fashionable gurus are leading the effort to bring ’90s hair accessories back into the mainstream. Kourtney Kardashian just unveiled the stretch comb headband on her Instagram Story, which you can see below. The infamous accessory was purchased by the Poosh founder at Claire’s, and he felt compelled to try it out on the way home.

If you’re afraid of turning into a child version of yourself by digging up old favourites, don’t be! There are many of ‘nineties hair accessories that are back in vogue, so there’s certain to be one that fits your style – whether that’s playful or classy. While the thought of claw clips, huge scrunchies, and multicoloured butterfly clips may conjure up images of that awkward pre-to-early adolescent phase, these accessories have received a much-needed, stylish update.

Check out this detailed guide on wearing the style with elegance, grace, and elegance for more ideas.

Hair Clutchers / Claw Clips


Hair clips with butterflies

Comb-Tooth Headbands

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