Hair Care With Coconut Oil – A Great Way to Curb Dandruff

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woman wearing black bandeau standing while holding green coconut

There are various ways in which one can carry out hair care. The basic methods include daily shampooing, conditioning and use of shampoos. A head massage should be given at least once a week to promote hair growth. There are various benefits of giving a head massage like relaxation, reducing stress and enhancing blood circulation. Massages also help in stimulating the scalp and improving the health of the hair.

Hair is one of the most treasured assets and one should take care of it very well. People do different kinds of hairdressing depending on their personality and the appearance of their hair. Most people love to sport wigs and they can buy them from a variety of sources. Wigs can be worn on a daily basis as it can hide the dull hairs and make them appear lustrous.

If you want to maintain a healthy hair, regular hair care and head massage is important. You must have your scalp massaged at least twice a week to promote smooth hair growth. If you do not give your scalp a proper massage then it will become irritated and the nutrients will not get absorbed. In the long run your hair will be deprived of the essential nutrients due to poor circulation.

One of the effective ways of how to do hair care is to wash your hair with a mixture of warm water and lemon juice. The pH level of your hair needs to be maintained in a balanced level. When the pH level of your hair is unbalanced then it leads to various problems such as dryness, frizzy hair and split ends. For healthy hair you should use a mild yet effective formulation to eliminate dandruff and lice. If the lice are left in your hair then it can cause unpleasant odor and a bad itching feeling.

If you are suffering from a condition such as dandruff then you should consider applying coconut oil. Coconut oil helps to eliminate dandruff by penetrating into the shaft and removes them. It also moisturizes the scalp and keeps the strands in a healthy shape. To get maximum results you should ensure that you get your scalp and hair adequately cleaned. Hair care products that have herbal ingredients are very useful in eliminating dandruff and lice in curly hair.

How to do hair care using curd is simple; it involves using warm water and either curd it yourself or have it prepared. Firstly, add half cup of milk in water and mix it to the desired temperature. Add in your preferred shampoo – choose one that suits your type of hair. Rinse the shampoo thoroughly after which you should leave it for around 5 minutes so that it does its work properly. Now leave it for another five minutes so that the curds absorb into the hairs. After that you can wash the hair as normal.

If you use hot water to prepare curds then you might not be able to enjoy the benefits of it. This is because the curds are hard and the process of hot water breaking them makes them runny. When they are runny they are not as beneficial to the hair as when they are still intact. This is why people who use curds in preparing their hair care products for curly hair should ensure that they use hot water. This ensures that the curds get dissolved in the hair and therefore help in the proper growth of the curls.

How to do hair care using curd is very easy. You just have to keep the above mentioned tips in mind. Once you notice that your dandruff problem has come under control then use coconut oil in your daily routine and you will see the difference immediately. Always keep your scalp and hair clean and free from any kind of dandruff. Do not forget to take good care of your diet by eating the right kind of food. This will ensure that you have healthy hair and scalp.