Creating the Perfect Curly Hair

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Yes, that’s right, good products, proper care and right haircuts can really up your curly hair care game too. There are many ways you can add more life to your curls, but here are some basic guidelines that can help you transform your hair into something truly spectacular. Highlights: Yes, highlights can really brighten up your locks and turn them from drab to fab. Just like with all haircare tips, just follow the steps below and you’ll have beautiful highlights in no time. Here they are:

Wash & Clean: Your curly hair does need to be properly washed, especially if you have frizzy or curly hair. Use a shampoo and conditioner made for your hair type (thick or thin) to get rid of excess moisture. If you wash it with hot water, this will dry it out, which is why you shouldn’t rinse it too often. Instead, just take it outside on a patio or simply wash it with your garden hose and mild shampoo. Dry naturally with a towel to avoid damaging your curls.

Protect Your Curls: Like I said before, excessive shampooing can dry your curls out, so you want to minimize the use of this product as much as possible. It’s okay if you use it a couple times each week, but don’t overdo it. Also, don’t use hair conditioners while your curls are wet. This can lead to build-up and breakage.

Using Essential Oils: A great way to protect your curls is to use organic essential oils, such as Rosemary, tea tree, henna and lavender. They are a great way to restore and lock moisture into your curls without stripping your locks out. For example, tea tree oil can be applied to damp hair after shampooing to retain moisture for a longer time between shampoos.

Change Your Hairstyle: A major no-no when it comes to curly hair styling is trying to straighten it out by pinning your hair up. This will damage your curls and make them frizzy. Instead, you should let your hair air dry after shampooing and then get a big curling iron and air-dry your hair. You may also try to let your hair dry naturally by laying it flat and twisting it; if that doesn’t work you can also try blow drying your hair. Once your hair is dry and you’re satisfied with the results you should always try to keep your hair style up to date, by visiting a hair salon and having your stylist add some curl boosting products to your hair to keep your curls looking great.

Hair Hacks: Curly hair isn’t as easy to style as straight hair, so you need to know how to use those little trickier curls correctly to achieve the looks you want. One simple hack is to apply a layer of styling product on wet hair and then run a comb through to smooth out the curls. This takes some practice to get right, but it can be very effective if done carefully. If you have a few extra pounds of weight in your hair you may also want to cut it to a long length and play around with the ends, this can also help to define and give body to your curls. Remember you can also pull out all or most of the ends from time to time, giving you a slightly unkempt style.

Try Different Types Of Hair Oils: If you feel your hair is too frizzy you can use jojoba, coconut, or almond oil, these oils are very good for increasing moisture. Once you’ve created a good base of moisture you can start to use different oils to define your curls. For instance, if you want your hair to be more mousse like than bouncy, try using jojoba oil to create a soft shiny look. If you have straight hairs you can use vegetable oil and add some hairspray to define your curls. Apply all of these products sparingly and always start out with a little bit of product on a section at a time. You don’t want to overwhelm your hair with too much at once as this can lead to an over-controlling effect.

Pre-Shampoo Treatment: One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to curly hair tends to be over washing. When you wash, you’re removing all of the natural oils and moisture from your hair, which helps to define them. This can lead to dryness, so it’s important to pre-wash your hair before you put it in the dryer. To give your hair added moisture after washing you can add a pre-shampoo treatment using any natural herbs or essential oils. Some examples of herbs that can be used include cedar wood, Rosemary, basil and even lavender. These herbs will provide a refreshing aroma and a lot of beneficial nutrients for your hair to retain.