How To Do Eye Makeup Using Kajal – 5 Steps to a Gorgeous Makeover

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Eye makeup is one of the most difficult makeup application. Most people would never think how to do eye makeup using kajal. However, if you take a closer look, you will realize that it is actually very easy and convenient to use. This type of cosmetics comes in two different pieces – the base and the eyeliner/ mascara wand. These are typically held in your fingers but you can also use a small, index finger to apply this type of makeup.

One tip on how to do eye makeup with kajal is to first put a thin layer of cream under your eyes. Start from the edge of your eye and apply the cream. To apply kajal properly, start from the outside corner of your eye and draw the kajal line inside your nostrils. This will be your uppermost point. Once you’ve drawn the line, slowly draw the kajal from the inside corner to the outer edge of your eye. Do this slowly so as not to move the kajal too much and make it appear thicker.

After completing the eye makeup, apply concealer across both sides of your eyes. You can use either the lighter or darker shade of concealer to blend well with your natural skin tone. To get rid of any wrinkles and make your eyes look bigger, apply a light bronzer before applying the kajal. You can choose a light shade of bronze that will help your complexion look more natural.

The next step on how to do eye makeup with kajal is to use the kajal as an eyeliner. Start by putting a thin line of kajal over your lower lashes. If you want it to stand out, you can create a bold line underneath your lower lashes. You can use any color of kajal that compliments your eyeliner. For a daytime look, you can apply a brown kajal and for a nighttime look, a black kajal will work well.

You need to wet your eyelashes and then use a cotton swab to remove excess water. Then, apply the mascara to your upper lashes in gentle, quick strokes. When you use the mascara, don’t curl your lashes. Just use a very thin line of mascara on your upper lashes. You can use any color of mascara that you prefer but remember to use the mascara correctly or else your eyelashes will be clumpy.

The third step on how to do eye makeup using kajal is to line the inner part of your eye with a light-colored eye shadow. A light-colored liner is easier to match with kajal powder than a dark liner. It will also enhance your eyes by creating an attractive rim. Use a single thin line of the shadow to line the inside of your eyelid and add an additional thin line inside your eye lid to define the shape of your eye. To create an accent, use a second color of eye shadow inside the first line.

The fourth step on how to do eye makeup using kajal is to add color to your eye shadow. You can use any type of eye shadow that you prefer but if you are new to doing eye makeup, it is advisable to purchase a few basic shades in a variety of colors. Once you have applied your basic shades to your eye, place a small brush in the center of your eye and slowly blend the colors together. Remember that lighter shades will be used on the top half of your eye and darker shades will be used on the bottom half of your eye. You can use a bit of mascara to further define the shape of your eyes and to make your eye makeup look even more attractive.

The fifth step on how to do makeup using kajal is to apply a light eyeliner to your upper lashes. Once you have lined the area with a dark eyeliner, you can choose whether you want a line or a strip to be applied to your eyelashes. For best results, use a metal-based eyeliner as it tends to stay on longer than an oil-based liner. Finally, use mascara to create the impression of long, thick eyelashes.