How To Do Eye Makeup Using Kajal

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“How to do eye makeup using kajal” is a common query asked by many women who are planning to get the perfect makeup for themselves. The ultimate answer lies in the magical touch of the kajal beads. Kajal beads are extremely soft, colourful and very versatile in their make-up artistry.

Eye shadows are of different types. They are liquid colours that are usually blended into liquid colours with the help of a single layer of colour. This type of shadow offers several innovative techniques. One is the wet blend technique in which a moist layer of colour is applied on the eyelid, and then after that dries, the colour is blended in the crease of the eye. Another technique is smudging, in which a damp cloth is smeared over the eyelids while blushing the colour in it.

Now one might wonder how to apply these eye shadows. For this, one must understand that the fingers play a crucial role in applying them. A small amount of blusher is also necessary, which can be kept behind the eye for easy handling. One must apply a medium shade of colour on the eyelid and blend it well along the eyelid crease.

The third tip on how to do eye makeup with kajal beads is to use a light translucent powder like colour and blend it gently onto the moistened cotton. The colour should be spread evenly over the eyelid and blended in the crease of the eye. One must remember that too much colour can make the eyes look blue or yellow. To create a lighter effect, you can use the light translucent powder colour in varied tones. Then, using a slightly darker colour like brown, it can be lightly pressed onto the upper lid and blend in with it well.

The fourth tip on doing eye makeup with kajal beads is to use the fingers while applying it to the lid. It is easier to work it around the eye area, but it is not mandatory to use your fingers. The reason being that the light-coloured colour, which is used to create a darker shade of eyebrow, can act as a base colour for the eyebrow, which one can enhance by using a medium coloured eyeliner. This would produce an illusion of making the lower lids look lighter than they really are. However, one must be careful not to draw the lines beyond the crease of the eyelid.

Another trick to eye makeup with kajal beads is to use a medium colour like pink eyeshadow and use a darker shade of the same colour as a highlight on the eyelid. The pink shaded colour should be blended well with the light-coloured eye shadow not to create an optical illusion. This is to create a more spacious look on the eyes with bright coloured eyeliners.

One should also use a concealer brush to apply the light-coloured eye makeup as a finishing touch. The concealer brush can be kept in one’s purse, as it does not have to be used regularly. However, it is advisable to use one once in a while for special occasions. This is because the lighter coloured concealers tend to look washed out if used too much.

The fifth tip on how to do eye makeup with kajal beads is to use a light pomade that is translucent to accentuate the look of the eyes. The pomade can be made from either natural or synthetic material. The natural material tends to give a more natural effect, while the synthetic ones tend to give the effect of being more plastic. One must choose the one which gives the best finish.