How To Do Simple Cosmetic Makeup For Your Eyes

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How to do simple makeup? It really comes down to a few simple steps. The most important thing to remember is to not put too much on. You don’t want to look like a clown! It’s also important to choose a basic shade for the face, and apply it sparingly. Here are some tips on how to do simple makeup correctly.

If you’re applying foundation, remember to only apply the foundation over your entire face. Do this by either using the fluffy brush provided or by using your fingers. Don’t forget to wash off your foundation before you go to bed or when you’re going to sleep. If you’re applying lipstick, be careful not to put it on too much, as it will make your skin appear blotchy. Instead, apply using a cotton swab.

When you’re applying eyeliner, you want to apply a thin line of the colour directly on the top of your eyelids, from the eyelid itself. Then use a second line of the colour to line the lower part of your eye lashes. Finish the look off with a final line of the foundation that runs from the inner corners of your eyes all the way around to your temples. When you’re done, you’re ready to turn your attention to your eyes.

When your eyelids are open, you want to gently pull the upper lid of your eye upwards. This pulls the skin of the eyelid taut, which can make your eyes look smaller. To pull the skin upwards, gently tap your finger against the upper lid of your eye. If you have time, try and use upward strokes only, and avoid frowning. This will give you a more youthful and natural-looking result.

When applying the makeup on your eyes, use your ring finger instead of your finger tips to apply mascara. Use a quick brush to remove any excess mascara from your eye when you’re finished. Apply your eye makeup in gentle circular motions using your ring finger. Make sure you get rid of any loose or excess mascara from your eye before you take a break from makeup.

The next step is to apply your eye shadow. Again using your ring finger, apply the shadow in gentle circles across your entire lid area. It is important to have proper coverage so that your eye shadow won’t be obvious or overwhelming. Next, apply your lipstick to your entire lid area using your pinky finger. Make sure you get the entire lip color from your top to bottom, even though some will be lost on the corners.

The last step is to apply your blush. Starting from the apples of your eye, apply blush to the entire lid area. You can use an upward stroke, a circular one, or a circular blush brush. Brush the blush from your temple to your jaw line. When you are finished applying your makeup, take a few minutes to enjoy the look of your blush.

These are some easy to follow makeup tips. With a little bit of practice, you should find yourself becoming a skilled cosmetics artist in no time. Now go learn more by following the links below.