How to Maintain Straightened Hair?

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How to maintain straightened hair? For those with unmanageable hair, there is no doubt about the fact that this can be really frustrating and hard to handle at times. You look in the mirror and find your hair looking matted, frizzy and even untidy. However, all this does not need to happen anymore. With the help of various products straightening tools and techniques, you can easily get your hair straightened and maintain it for days and months. So how exactly do you go about straightening your hair?

The first step is to use a high quality straightening rod or iron to straighten your hair. Depending on your hair type and texture, this could either be a brush with built in rotating plates or flat iron. You have the option to use a hair spray or a cleanser as a conditioner after the process is over.

Secondly, apply a hair relaxer or serum to seal the knots and tangles. If you want to protect your hair from the heat of the flat iron or from damage, then you will need a hair relaxer or serum to protect the hair and seal it. There are many hair relaxers and serums available out there but it is always better to go for natural hair relaxers and serums as they are milder and can help prevent hair damage.

Thirdly, use a keratin hair treatment once or twice weekly to straighten your hair if needed. A keratin hair treatment works by coating the hair strands with the keratin protein. The keratin hair treatment helps straighten frizzy hair and keep it smooth and shiny. Since keratin hair treatments are rich in proteins, they are great for hair re-growth.

Fourthly, protect your hair from the heat of the flat iron. If you have thin hair, then using a hair curling iron may lead to ‘stacking’ of your hair, especially if the hair straightener is placed on full speed. The high voltage of the flat iron can damage your hair and cause damage to the hair shafts. In order to prevent this, place your flat iron away from your hair, when not in use.

Fifthly, protect your hair from the sun. When you are outdoors, avoid styling your hair using high temperature straighteners. Use a good quality sun block on exposed areas of your hair regularly to avoid the damage caused by the sun. If your hair has been exposed to the sun regularly, it is likely that your hair has been straitened using a high heat and so will be prone to breakage.

Finally, you can choose how to straighten your hair depending on how frizzy your hair is and how much control you want over the style. If you prefer to have very straight hair, then there are several different options available for you. High quality professional straightening kits can give you the frizz free straightened look you desire. Or you could purchase your own straightening products, such as a hair straightener or keratin shampoo and conditioner. You should also consider the different hair care products that can help protect your hair from damage due to hair straightening. For instance, shampoos are designed to reduce tangling and to protect the hair while you are shampooing.

Hair straighteners are great for those who like to have short hair. However, if you have very curly hair and/or extremely wavy hair, then you may not be able to get the straight look you desire using a straightener. When you have very wavy or curly hair, consider buying a keratin based hair comb that will help to maintain your curls and allow you to keep your hair healthy.