How To Put Eye Shadow On Face – Learn The Secret That Top Makeup Artists Are Supposed To Know

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How to put eye shadow on girl’s eyes is a crucial step in the makeup art. Most women are so conscious of their looks especially in the mirror that they become over cautious especially when it comes to applying makeup to their eyes. When it comes to the cosmetics, it should be applied gently to avoid irritating the delicate eye area. There are some tips that can help you out in applying eye shadow in such a way that it enhances your beautiful eyes.

Begin by lining the entire lid of the eye, beginning from the lash line and moving outward. Always make a base coat for the eyelids before the shadow as it helps in keeping the shadow on longer. Cover all the upper lid of the shadow shade with white cream eye shadows, starting from the lash line to the arch. Apply a third of the crease shade on the top lashes of your eye and the last drop of the shadow to the bottom of your eyelids.

For the third step, apply the lightest layer of the white eyeliner. Crease your eyelids and make sure that there is no line in the crease. The lightest layer is usually the darkest one. This is done in two steps. The first step is the lightest where you just barely cover your upper lash line, and the second step is when you cover the entire lid.

The fourth step to how to put eye shadow on girl’s eyes is to blend the shadow very carefully using a single step technique. Start by applying a very thin layer of the light color on the outermost edge of your eye lids. Make this line the same as the first line of your eye shadow palette but only a quarter of an inch high. Now draw a line just below this line. This line will serve as the second color in your blending brush.

The fifth step is to start applying your eye shadows. Pick up your shadow brush and tap your brush to your upper lid. Now you have to blend your brush so that the shadow is blended well and appears natural. To get this you will need to start tapping the brush again after you have picked up your brush to increase its intensity.

How to put eye shadow on face is not as complicated as you think. The number five step is to apply the lightest of the three colors to your eyelids. You do this by moving your brush very slowly until your eyelids are creased. Then apply a third of the color to your lower eyelashes. Blend the color to your upper lashes very gently and carefully. You should be able to see your lash line and to understand how to put eye shadow on face.

How to put eye shadow on face is even easier when you have already learned the fifth step. You should now pick up your eye shadow brush and slowly tap it against your upper lid in a small circular motion. You should end up with about one to two strokes of color in your crease. If you apply the cream eye shadows correctly you will end up with very natural looking eyelashes and will not have to worry about smearing them.

You can apply eyeshadow on your eyelids with a large eyeshadow brush. Start with a very sheer primer that is also a matte color. Use a dark liner to create a straight line on your upper and lower lash line. Next use a medium colored eyeshadow brush to shade the area between your crease and brow. Finally, apply a medium density cream eyeshadow to the upper lid and blend the color in. Your entire eye lid should be covered in this manner.