This is our review of the Bath & Body Works Sun-Kissed Coconut 3-Wick Candle.

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This is our review of the Bath & Body Works Sun-Kissed Coconut 3-Wick Candle.

Sunkissed Coconut is a new coconut fragrance candle from Bath and Body Works. Coconut, ylang ylang, and plumeria flowers make up the majority of the scent components in this one. Before lighting, cut the wick to a quarter-inch length and remove any debris from the wax pool. Children and pets should be kept out of the way. Burn for no more than four hours at a time.

A slew of tropical-scented candles, including Sun Kissed Coconut, were introduced in early 2021. In addition, I intended to purchase the coconut sandalwood candle, but its aroma notes said that it also contained jasmine. Instead of jasmine, I went for sunkissed coconut because it’s one of my favourite aromas. Coconuts dipped in a jar of ylang ylang flowers are what comes to mind when I think about it. It’s only in India and a few of its neighbours that you’ll find ylang ylang flower plants in abundance.

Indulgent, rich, and somewhat sweet, the scent of this specific yellow blossom is a wonderful treat. Some believe it has mild aphrodisiac qualities in addition to its reputation as a mood enhancer. This candle’s hot throw is a definite 10/10. After 3-4 hours of burning, the candle’s aroma throw is sufficient to last another 4-5 hours. This candle burns cleanly and produces little to no smoke (except for that 2 seconds of smoke which is seen when you blow it off). Putting the lid on the pot is not something I enjoy doing since it gets the lid filthy.

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