Pros And Cons of All Types of Massage Oils

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Girlistan - Pros And Cons of All Types of Massage Oils

Massage Oils are the most important therapeutic components in Oriental and Ayurvedic massage therapies. This is because of the reason that they help in relieving stress, relaxing the body and releasing the tension from the muscles. They also increase blood flow to the entire body and help to prevent ailments such as headaches, fatigue, insomnia, blood pressure etc. Apart from these benefits, they have other advantages. Let us discuss them here.

o Benefits: Massage oils come in a variety of healing essences and are effective in all skin types. To know about which essential oils are good for what purpose, let us get into the details with this extensive detailed massage oils buying guide. o Using Massage Oils: Benefits of Each Type of Massage Oils. There are different types of these oils and each one is helpful for different skin types. A full body massage using almond oil is beneficial for dry skin types while saffron oil is good for oily skin types. For a complete body massage you can use apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil and coconut oil.

o Disadvantages: When buying massage oils it is very important to check the ingredients of the particular oil you choose. This is because there are some types of herbal oils commonly used which may not be good for your skin. Some of these oils include cypress oil, tea tree oil, Rosemary oil, rose hip oil etc. Avoid buying the above mentioned ingredients in the case of a skin ailment.

o Grape seed Oil: This is a very beneficial massage oil. It can be used on all the massage areas of your body. However, to prevent itching of the skin during massage it is very good to choose grape seed oil. It is rich in Vitamin E and also has some anti-bacterial properties.

o Disadvantages: Even though it is very beneficial it is also vulnerable to the bad elements of nature. One disadvantage of grapeseed oil is that it is easily affected by heat. This is why you should always carry out a body massage in the winters. Hot water could also harm it. So, if you intend to give a body massage in winters always make sure you use cold water.

o Ayurvedic Oils: These are the best types of massage oils in terms of pureness and their effect on skin health. These are not easily available in stores but you can buy them online. There are various advantages of using these oils. The most important one is that they are very effective for skin health. They have very few disadvantages and few positive effects on your health. This means that they should be chosen according to your skin type and according to your needs.

o Bad Disadvantages: There are no major disadvantages of this type of oil. The only disadvantage is that these are more expensive than the other types of oils. The most expensive ones contain mostly acid and they are not suitable for people with dry skin conditions. People who want to use cold pressed oil should choose one that contains mostly alkaline minerals such as calcium, silica, manganese etc. This will ensure that the oil is very much compatible with human beings. The most expensive products containing this type of mineral are produced by pharmaceutical companies.

o Aromatherapy Massage Oils: This type of massage oil is less expensive and it is suitable for people with all types of skin conditions and allergies. The benefits of using aromatherapy oils on your skin are that they can relax the muscles, increase circulation, balance hormones and can relieve pain. This is why people prefer to have this type of oil on their skin when they have sore and rheumatic skin due to some reason. There are some types of oils that are specifically made for this purpose and they are usually very good at relieving skin disorders and pains. This is the reason why a lot of massage therapists prefer to use this kind of oil on their clients during a massage therapy session.