How to Fix Dry, Flaky Skin?

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Flaky Skin
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How to fix dry, flaky skin? Unfortunately, many of the current creams on the market make it worse. Most are petrolatum, mineral oil or paraffin wax that clog the pores and cause inflammation. The worst ingredients are often parabens, and the most common is petrolatum.

Parabens are man-made products that act as a preservative. They are used for just about everything, from toilet paper to mascara to lipstick. Unfortunately, they are not suitable for you. They are considered “toxic” by the European Union and the U.S. FDA. They have been shown to cause cancer and allergic reactions and are listed as irritants at the very least.

Some manufacturers add alcohol to their products. Alcohol strips the natural moisture from your skin, making it more vulnerable to drying. An alcohol-based product will also leave a greasy residue and attract dirt, oil and bacteria. To fix dry, flaky skin with alcohols, astringents, and moisturisers, rinse off the products and then apply moisturiser sparingly.

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Petroleum-based products cause the same problems. They are often paraffin-based and are petroleum-based moisturisers. The problem here is that they are “greasy” and tend to cling to the face. If you don’t remove them, they can cause acne breakouts. In addition, they leave a greasy residue and attract dirt, oil and bacteria.

The solution is to find an excellent skin-care line containing ingredients that will restore your skin’s natural moisture balance. For example, look for products that contain Capuacu butter or cocoa butter. Both of these plant oils are similar to the skin’s sebum.

The best solution for how to fix dry, flaky skin? Keep your skin clean and keep it moisturised. Avoid harsh soaps and moisturisers. Instead, use a gentle cleanser and moisturiser that contain natural oils like grape seed oil.

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