How to make the switch from chemical-based cosmetic products to non-toxic alternatives

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With the whole world standing still due to the epidemic, concepts such as toxin-free, safe and natural are ultimately given proper consideration. It is high time we were all transitioning to more sustainable choices and leading a mindful life.

Today, the beauty sector is tremendously competitive and feeds our consumer behaviour through beautiful products and packaging. It is time to be aware of our selections and make a clear choice as a lifestyle. A clean beauty product is a proper product for cosmetics, personal care or hair care, without any trace of hazardous substances. It is produced without dangerous chemicals and cruelty and is entirely safe to use. Clean beauty also involves the ethical origin, production, and packaging of the items with your wellness and the environment in mind.

Here we offer some helpful advice for adapting to a clean beauty routine.

First, check ingredients.

If you want to change to clean beauty but don’t know what to look for in a product, you may always study the list of ingredients consciously. A product packaging is a clear indication of an enterprise’s environmental thinking process. So make sure you always check all the contents and keep clear of the products that contain parabens, sulphates, phthalates, fragrances and toluene, to mention a few.

Second, Understand your skin

You need to know your skin fully during the move to a clean cosmetic regime. First, check your skin type carefully and understand exactly what your skin needs. Then, understand your skin and add a clean skincare product or cosmetics to your routine.

Third, Take small steps forward.

Don’t leap and switch all your products simultaneously. Clean beauty means combining good health with your vanity through thoughtful yet sustainable choices. A steady shift will enable you to feel the important and beneficial difference.

Several companies still greenwash customers with phrases like ‘natural’ and ‘organic’, and the Indian beauty sector is not yet so controlled. Therefore, you mustn’t blindly believe the labelling without doing your own homework before you dive.

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