Taking care of your hands | How to look after your hands at home

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We’ve been in the midst of a pandemic for well over a year, and while things are beginning to look up, the new daily “accessories” we’re required to carry (face masks and hand sanitizer) appear to be here to stay for a long time.

We’ve been reminded so many times this year to wash and sanitise our hands at all times, which has resulted in an increase in reports of dry, chapped hands.

How to look after your hands at home

Following the easy procedures below is the best method to care for your hands at home and bring them back to life.

1. Wash your hands with a high-quality hand soap.

Look for a hand wash that doesn’t have any harsh chemicals in it. These chemicals can cause skin issues by breaking down the protective barrier on your hands, resulting in red, irritated, itchy skin. Natural-ingredient hand cleansers are gentle on your hands, lowering the chance of dryness.

2. Wash your hands with warm water.

The best temperature for washing your hands is warm tepid water. Hot water, on the other hand, dries out your skin over time. Regardless of the temperature of the water you’re using, the soap you’re using will still work.

3. Make sure your hands are completely dry.

After you’ve washed your hands, pat them dry to prevent them from drying out any more. Rubbing your hands dry with a towel is the last thing you want to do if they are already hurting or sensitive. All you have to do now is pat them dry.

4. Moisturize, moisturise, and moisturise some more!

Use an excellent moisturiser after patting your hands dry to seal in the moisture and keep your hands nourished. This is the most important component in reviving your skin and giving your hands a youthful appearance. Using a moisturiser with natural components is also more kinder on the skin than using a hand wash.

Having a healthy moisturising routine is essential.

It’s critical to maintain a regular moisturising routine for your entire body, not just your hands. Before going to bed, moisturise your skin to deeply nourish it and recover the moisture that has been lost.

We can easily forget to moisturise, therefore a pocket-sized moisturiser will serve as a reminder every time we open our glove boxes in our cars or even our handbags! It’s also a good idea to keep one with you at work, preferably on your desk.

If you’re still having trouble with dry, chapped skin after moisturising regularly and using a soap with natural components, speak to your doctor. He or she may be able to prescribe something stronger to help heal the irritation.

Having dry chapped hands can make you feel self-conscious because they don’t always look great. When you’re out and about, dry flaky skin, itchy red spots, or even bleeding red patches can make you want to hide your hands. Changing your handwashing practise to include all of the actions outlined above will help you regain confidence.

It’s still necessary to wash and sanitise your hands to protect yourself and others. Just keep moisturising, using gentle products, and patting dry in mind!

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