The Best Face Wash For Sensitive Skin

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Many people ask us which is better, a cleanser with pH neutral ingredients or a cleanser without pH neutral ingredients. We review a number of cleansers on our website. Among the benefits offered by a cleanser with pH neutral ingredients are:


* Helps to prevent acne. A cleanser with low PH helps to prevent acne. Join the club; meet the professional dermatologist who believes that cleansers with low PH help to prevent acne. Get the latest information on how cleansers work to control acne.

* Increases skin moisture. For most people, clean, healthy skin is important. People with oily skin types benefit from foaming washes. For dry skin types, a cleanser with high pH will increase the amount of sebum the skin produces. Sebum helps to keep the pores in the skin closed. A cleanser with high pH will also increase the amount of antioxidant present in the skin.

* Improves the skin’s ability to absorb moisturizer. Oily skin types have more oil than dry skin types. As a result, they typically experience flaky, greasy skin. A high pH cleanser will effectively remove the excess oil from the skin. This will improve the condition of the skin as well as reduce the incidence of acne.

* Increases blackhead elimination. Salicylic acid cleanser is proven to exfoliate the skin. It effectively removes dead skin cells. Excess dead skin cells provide the environment for the formation of bacteria. The bacteria form blackheads, a condition which leads to pimples. A salicylic acid-based acid cleanser effectively eliminates blackheads.

* Has minimal side effects. Most Cleansers on the market are made with mild chemicals. However, some chemicals such as parabens can cause severe dermatitis and other complications. A good quality Cleanser should not have any negative side effects. This is another factor that imparts major benefits to the product claims of Paraben-free Cleansers.

* Is a natural ingredient. Many Cleansers on the market use harsh chemicals. These chemicals may contain carcinogens and/or mutagens. Paraben-free Cleansers have the advantage of being a natural ingredient. A low ph Cleanser using Paraben-free oil will provide an excellent alternative to harsh cleansers.

* Suitable for dry, normal, and oily complexions. Cleansers are not the best choice for cleansing. You need to use a good moisturizer for cleansing. A natural cleanser that contains alkaloids (such as salicylic acid) or other natural substances like tea tree oil is an excellent choice for cleansing. Low ph cleansers that contain salicylic acid are also suitable for normal to oily complexions.

* Does not irritate the skin. Cleansers containing harsh chemicals can sometimes cause a sensitive skin type to break out. A low pH Cleanser with gentle natural ingredients can be a safe and effective alternative to harsher cleansers. For most people, this type of Cleanser is suitable for normal to dry skin types.

* The best Cleansers are free of allergens. Cleansers are usually made with a mild, neutral pH. When you combine harsh chemicals with a naturally mild pH, a Cleanser becomes an unsafe product for those with sensitive skin.

* May help reduce acne. Acne often occurs with a dry complexion. Low to can help reduce acne. This is especially true for people with dry skin types. Using a low pH Cleanser regularly can reduce the development and spread of acne.

* Won’t result in a greasy feeling after using a Cleanser. Most Cleansers leave a light, refreshed feeling after use. However, some products do have a greasy feel after using. It is important to find a Cleanser that does not have this undesirable effect. To be sure, it is important to read the label carefully to check if the Cleanser contains harsh, unnatural, or an allergy producing acid.

When looking for a good quality, effective product to use as part of your everyday facial cleansing routine, look for Cleanser that contains the above ingredients. If it doesn’t, look for one that does. A simple pH balanced, low-foaming cleanser that contains natural ingredients like glycerin, tea tree oil, and chamomile can be an effective way to gently deep clean without over-drying the face or making it feel overly tight. Look for a low-foaming cleanser that doesn’t contain any soap additives.