7 Bollywood Reels By Naveen Sharma That We Bet Will Leave You Mesmerized

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Alice Peter , 11 Jun 2021

Naveen Sharma (Source: Instagram | @naveenn25)

Naveen Sharma (Source: Instagram | @naveenn25)

Instagram is a social media platform that is flooded with talented creators. A lot of these creators are ones who have discovered their talents or have put their talents for everyone to watch on this platform. And their remarkable skills sure have led to more and more audience discovering them and becoming their avid followers. One such content creator is Naveen Sharma. His content ranges from dance videos to expressive, dialogue Reels along with some fun and quirky videos too. One look at his account and it will surely give you the dreamy vibes and leave you mesmerized. We have a few Reels shortlisted that are so good that by the end of this article, Naveen will surely leave you feeling mesmerized too! Check it out.

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1. Aaoge Jab Tum

Naveen Sharma’s Reel on this super emotional and beautiful song from the movie, Jab We Met, is quite amazing. With such few expressions and a whole lot of…

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