7 Indian ciders to order online this World Cider Day

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Siqera’s 100 per cent homegrown ciders are made at their winery in Manesar near Gurugram–farm-fresh apples are pulped and fermented with handpicked Champagne yeast strains and matured to create their sparkling, light-amber Apple Cider. This semi-sweet, medium-bodied cider bursts with fruity and tart flavours with a dash of spices like pepper. Their other variant is the Mango Cider, a golden-straw coloured sparkling cider made with Alphonso mangoes. Siqera also offers perries (pear ciders) in jamun and guava flavours. 

Available at select stores across Gurugram and other major cities in Haryana. Siqera.com

Independence Brewing Company

Strawberry cider by Independence Brewing Company

Pune-based Independence Brewing Company has two ciders on offer–Homing Pigeon, a classic tart apple cider with a crisp mouthfeel and a semi-dry finish, and Strawberry Cider, a moderately sweet cider fermented with fresh strawberries that’s perfect for a hot summer’s day. 

Available across Mumbai…

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