Bollywood celeb-approved fashion labels for beautiful saris

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Diwali this year is expected to be a low-key affair, given the CMCO extension and rising Covid-19 cases that will keep us anchored to our homes. But don’t let it stop you from dressing up to the nines and capturing your Diwali fashion #OOTDs for remembrance as “the year that was”.

Saris always fit in the ever-evolving Indian trend wheel. We’d say what makes saris one of a kind is their versatility and adaptability. We look to India, specifically at its fashion labels that make the festive months all the way more special. From the hand-painted renditions to the belted ones, there is a lot to choose from. Bollywood’s leading fashion fixtures have embraced these labels.

Here is a look at Bollywood celeb-approved sari labels…

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