‘Butter’ By BTS Is Trending On Instagram & These Creators Are Giving It Their Very Own Twist

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Kavisha Mody , 10 Jun 2021

Butter, Aishwarya, Aksh Baghla, Faby (Source: Instagram | @bts.highlightofficial, @aishuadd, @akshbaghla, @faby_makeupartist)

Butter, Aishwarya, Aksh Baghla, Faby (Source: Instagram | @bts.highlightofficial, @aishuadd, @akshbaghla, @faby_makeupartist)

By now, I am sure that the world knows who BTS is. And if you don’t, you are surely living under a rock! It’s currently the biggest and the most popular K-pop boyband in the world, which is taking the music industry by storm. Their fans are called ‘ARMY‘ and trust me when I say this, BTS has an ARMY of millions right behind them! They recently came out with their new pop-track, ‘Butter‘ and within just a few days of its release, it has broken all possible streaming records online. Currently, it’s the most trending audio on Instagram and millions of people are creating Reels with it. Tbh, I am also a proud member of the ‘ARMY’ and I have been obsessed with this track. So, while scrolling through all the Butter Reels, I came across some really talented creators gave this track their very own twist and uploaded some…

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