Ditch Your Makeup Wipes For These 3 Reusable Alternatives

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Kanak Devnani , 08 Jun 2021

Girlistan - Ditch Your Makeup Wipes For These 3 Reusable Alternatives

We know how convenient disposable makeup wipes can be to use in a pinch but at the end of the day, the fact remains they’re horrible for your skin. Let’s not forget how bad they are for the environment too, contributing to endless waste. Switching over to reusable options may seem like a huge sacrifice at first and you may worry over whether the alternatives actually take off all your makeup. But there’s literally no need to worry about it. Trust us!

Making the switch is not only more eco-friendly but these options work way better than those nasty chemically filled wipes that are irritating your skin. Plus they’ll save a ton of money over time. Typically made with sustainable and organic materials they can last for years before you have to recycle or toss them out. Ready to make the switch? Below, take your pick of sustainable ways to melt off every last trace of waterproof mascara

1. The MakeUp Eraser, Makeup Remover Cloth

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