Loki Episode one – Watch Tom Hiddleston’s character left with only choice to help the time-variant mess

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Marvel Cinematic Universe has unveiled episode one of the much-awaited Loki starring Tom Hiddleston. And it has got ample to say.

The MCU fans we’re excited to have fun with the God of Mischief Loki. And all of our anticipations came to an ended on Wednesday after the first episode of Loki is streaming. However, the audience is going gaga over this notorious man since we first met him in Thor starring Chris Hemsworth.

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Well, today we again rammed into him through the first episode of the thriller series. It is streaming on Disney+ and Disney + Hotstar. The wonder it is creating is already compelling us to chase the other upcoming episodes.

It all starts with the timeline things. Sometimes the actions we were not about to make, we end up doing them. This creates future actions to alter and lead to an amazing variant. Do you know who is that variant here? None other than our devilish…

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