Netizens have got another hero to make them go ROFL in Family Man’s Chellam Sir

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Chellam sir played by Uday Mahesh in the second installment of Family Man is becoming the audience’s favorite. Watch what the people have to say about it. Plus, they are asking for a season 3 featuring him as the lead.

The duration your character gets on the screen doesn’t matter. What is important is the effect you have left on the audience in those minutes. This is the best advice an artist can get as an inspiration and to enrich his work.

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A similar effect is being reflected by this veteran with his few minutes presence. Do you know him? If you have watched the recent release Family Man Season 2 you must recognize him. He is none other than Chellam sir.

Trust us this retired Indian agent portrayed by the Tamil actor Uday Mahesh has become the talk of the town. Our citizens are seriously not getting enough of him. His is being decently trending and the social media users are…

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