Sanjeeda Shaikh shares daughter Ayra Ali’s new video and we are in love with the little one’s cuteness and intellect

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Girlistan - Sanjeeda Shaikh shares daughter Ayra Ali's new video and we are in love with the little one's cuteness and intellect

Sanjeeda Shaikh has shared yet another cutesy video of her daughter, Ayra Ali and we cannot stop melting over her cuteness. However, the toddler is not just cute but also quite intelligent. Now, if you have been following Sanjeeda Shaikh, you would have seen that Ayra knows all the ABCs, she loves learning new stuff and her mommy dearest is doing her best to make Ayra a fast learner. And we can see the results. The actress’s new video again features Ayra in which the little one’s answers to the questions will leave you impressed. In the video, Sanjeeda ask Ayra, “What’s the name of your country?” to which the little one cutely answers, “India.” Next, Sanjeeda asks her, “Who gives us milk?” and the 1.5-year-old answers, “Cow.” We must say, Ayra’s grasping power looks good. She will be good at academics when she grows up. Also Read – Sanjeeda Shaikh and Ayra Ali’s late-night homework session is the most ADORABLE thing on the internet – watch video

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