LPGA Golfer Qualifies for US Open While Six Months Pregnant

Did an LPGA golfer qualify for the US Open while being six months pregnant?

Amy Olson, an LPGA golfer who is six months pregnant, has qualified for the US Women’s Open after playing 72 holes and achieving an impressive 6-under par. She plans to continue playing until at least July 7th, possibly longer if she advances past the 36-hole cut. Olson will be seven months pregnant when she competes at the prestigious Pebble Beach Golf Links in California – her final tournament before her baby arrives. She has joked about her “high-maintenance” requests and emphasized that her career has always required her to take life one year at a time. Despite impending significant changes in her life, Olson remains committed to giving her all at Pebble Beach and expressed her motivation to compete at such a renowned event.

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