Choosing A Sports Bra | Is your sports bra too small? Do your breasts feel sore after a workout because of increased bounce? You are not alone

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Studies show that at least 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size, with serious repercussions. In addition to being inconvenient and painful, wearing the improper bra can cause irreparable breast drooping.

The right sports bra may make or break your workout.

A comfortable, supportive, and well-fitting bra is essential for walking, running, or working out. To focus completely on your motions, you need a bra that provides enough support and doesn’t impede your range of motion. So, what is a GOOD sports bra? And how does one know which bra is best for different workouts?

In reality, no ONE bra can save us from our varied movements. It is important to know that sports bras are designed to support a variety of actions.

Bras de sport. What Do We Need?

Before diving into the sorts of sports bras, it’s crucial to understand why they’re needed. The skin and Cooper’s ligaments support the breasts, which have no muscle. These are the tissues that hold them together. Thus, breasts move autonomously and bounce even with minor movements. They move sideways as well as up and down.

This movement has been linked to increased breast pain.

The University of Portsmouth found that this breast bounce reduces female engagement in sports and physical activities. As a result, women may be embarrassed by greater breast movement and self-conscious about their body image. In addition, not wearing a sports bra can cause tissue damage, sagging, and poor workout performance – so invest in the correct sports bra to boost your fitness game and protect your breasts.

Useful features of a sports bra:

  • Enhanced movement comfort
  • Pain relief
  • Less chance of breast tissue damage
  • Breast sagging is rare.
  • No chafing
  • Having covered the basics, let’s move on to the major issue.
  • We realize how difficult it is to find a sports bra that not only matches your demands but also fits perfectly!

The Right Sports Bra for You

In reality, the sort of exercise you do greatly influences the type of bra you should wear.

Wearing sports bras provides three degrees of support.

Let’s go over each one briefly.

Lace-up Bras

Low impact sports bras are the epitome of luxury. They’re made for yoga, stretching, Pilates, and even some strength training. Basically, any activity that requires minimal hopping and bouncing. Low impact bras are light, stretchy, and breathable. These bras can be worn for medium impact exercises if you have a smaller cup size.

Intense activities like weight training, cycling, trekking, Zumba, elliptical use, and others demand extra support.

For such actions, medium impact bras are designed to give the necessary support. If you have a large cup size, a high impact bra is better than a medium impact.

Impact Bras

High impact exercises usually have a lot of bounce. If the correct bra isn’t worn… Yikes! That would be a disaster! Our high-impact sports bras include broad straps for maximum support during your sweating activities.

How To Get The Right Fit

After learning how to choose the proper bra for your activities, the next step is to find the perfect bra for you.

  • Snug fit: A sports bra should be snugger than a conventional bra. To check, put two fingers between the straps and your shoulders. Fingers should glide in effortlessly with no gaps between them. A cup that is too tiny for you is not advised. If the cup size is too large, the overall fit will be loose.
  • No gaps: The underband should lay level against your rib cage, with no gaps or excess tightness there.
  • Straps slipping: The straps should be correctly placed. They shouldn’t fall off or scrape into your shoulders.


That’s it! An article about how to pick the best sports bra for your needs. We know how hard it is for women to exercise when they are wearing the wrong bra.

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