Colour Combinations of Formal Clothes for Women

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Girlistan - Colour Combinations of Formal Clothes for Women

When it comes to putting on formal clothing for women, colour combination has always been the most challenging part. As far as I am concerned, formal attire for women is mostly consisting of a black dress accompanied by a pair of pantyhose or stockings. The colour combinations used with these are never that strong. After all, these are the basic apparel to cover your assets.

And then there are those colours which give a feminine touch to a lady. Neutral shades are very much in. These include whites, greys, creams and beiges. You can try using these colours on the skirts. If you want to wear light-coloured dresses, then you can pair it up with pastels and pinks.

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As far as the rest is concerned, the most challenging part is matching it with the suit. You can do this depending on what type of suit you will be wearing. The black cocktail dresses are the most challenging colours for ladies to match with formal wear. These are usually associated with weddings. As such, the colour combination for ladies should be something that does not match with wedding dresses.

In other words, avoid going to such colours. But if you want to wear a coloured dress that is a bit different from your usual dress, you can always go in for pastel colours. For example, if you want to wear a pink wedding gown, you can team it up with a pastel-coloured top. However, this is a good tip to keep in mind only when the gown is pink. If the gown is already purple, then you can safely match the colour combination without any hesitation. What is important is to make sure that the suit matches the colour of your dress.

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Another important tip for choosing the right colour combination is keeping in view the age and figure of the woman. Black is generally regarded to be the sexiest colour but there are women who prefer other colours. If you are a lady who prefers other colours than black, then you should opt for lighter shades. These include red, yellow and white. If you want to look stylish with black but you are above average sized, then you should try to opt for a shade of green or blue.

There are also women who consider scarves and shawls as accessories. Apart from these shades, there are several others too which can be considered as accessories including cream, blue and cream. It all depends upon your personal preference.

Then there are those ladies who prefer a white top and a dark jacket in formal wear. A light-coloured top with black shoes and a black jacket looks really chic. This is known to be the classic colour combination. If you wish to carry this out in your life also, then you can choose a light shade of red and add a scarf in the same colour combo. This will make you look glamorous.

There are many women who simply love to play safe when it comes to their choice of colour combinations in formal wear. They stick to earth colours like brown and grey. They add more spice to their outfits by adding lighter shades of their favourite colours. For example, if they wear black dresses, then they can team it up with light blouses and tops. If they wish to add an edgy touch to their attires, then they can choose to pair it up with a redshirt. However, if they wish to stick to the normality, they simply pick a white top and a black jacket.