Hair Dryers and Stylers at Girlistan

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Hair Dryers and Stylers at Girlistan

In a perfect world, your hair would seem silky, smooth, and shining at all times, even after a quick hair wash. As we all know, this is not a perfect world, and without the tools that come to our rescue every morning, our hair will seem like a sloppy mop that requires some style. On a day when everything goes kaput and you are left with damp and frizzy hair, your hair dryer might be your knight in shining armour. It may come waltzing into your life and save you from a terrible hair day. But then, there’s no such thing as a free lunch, is there? If you have not taken sufficient care before heat styling, you will have to pay the price in damage and dryness. But everything said and done, a nice hair dryer may be a girl’s best friend at any given moment of the day. Do a little study before setting out to buy your dryer, since it may be a long-term investment. We offer a large choice of hair dryers available at Girlistan that will meet all your requirements.

‘How to use a hair dryer without harming hair?

A modern lady is clever, self-sufficient, and quite aware of her beauty. She is eager to invest time and money to appear effortlessly stunning every day. It’s never been simple for her to look her best while she expertly manoeuvres through her job and personal life. But even on a tough day at work, you will find her looking flawless, without a hair out of place. And it’s always a mystery how she gets it on point every time—does she spend hours before the mirror, overspend on several salon treatments every month, or buy every product available on the market? Well, not really! It’s considerably simpler than you would imagine. A knowledgeable lady would know how to make optimum use of the existing resources at hand and how to behave sensibly on any given occasion. A wet hair on a weekday will not worry her much as she understands how to turn it into magnificent cascading manes without any uninvited harm. She hunts for ionic hair dryers while getting hold of the greatest heat protectant sprays and makes sure that her hair stays as natural and lustrous as it always was. Here are a few recommendations, which we have snuck out of her beauty guide, to keep your hair out of harm’s way while blow drying.

Opt for ionic hair dryers to keep the damage at bay: An ionic hair dryer creates millions of negative ions which break down the water molecules in your hair. These ions do not open the cuticle of the hair shaft, which helps your hair to remain healthy and lustrous. Ionic dryers speed up the process of drying and so minimise the amount of heat applied to the hair. 5 Power Satin Satin Satin Satin Satin Satin Satin Satin Satin Satin SatThe Haartrockner HD580 Drier is for individuals who are in quest of a dryer that delivers the finest heat protection while making the hair seem faultless. This lightweight dryer has 2500 watts and 2x more power.This ionic dryer delivers flawlessly blow-dried hair in a couple of minutes.

Ceramic hair dryers that will keep the heat away: These dryers employ ceramic heating elements to warm up the air and to offer an even, regulated blow. Consequently, it decreases the harshness of heat on hair. The ceramic base not only regulates the temperature better but also maintains heat even when it’s not switched on. These dryers deliver a balanced dispersion of infrared heat and dry your clothes softly. The Gorgio Professional 6000 Hair Dryer comes with a ceramic ionic grille heat setting for a uniform dispersion of heat. This grill is meant to eliminate any hair static or heat damage. This ceramic hair dryer features a strong 3000 watt motor, which helps to dry your hair considerably quicker than typical dryers.

Always apply a heat protectant: According to experts, heat protection sprays can greatly lessen the damage caused by heat style. Investing in a high-rated heat protection spray will never go to waste. They will not only prevent damage from hair dryers, but also keep your hair from becoming brittle and frizzy. Toni & Guy Heat Protection Mist contains silicones, which makes it an excellent prep for any form of style. It works as a serum that nourishes your hair while protecting it against heat damage.

Keep the nozzle six inches away: Another good technique to minimise damage is to keep the dryer as far away from the hair as possible when drying. The best distance indicated by the experts is six inches. Nevertheless, a suitable distance is always advocated. Direct contact with heat will quickly dry out your hair and make it brittle.

Turn down the heat: Of course, you are in a rush and you want the hair drying phase to be over and done with as quickly as possible. But, there’s nothing more detrimental to your hair than exposing it to extreme temperatures. Always dry your hair while keeping the lower temperature setting on the dryer. This will substantially increase the health of your hair. Believe us. Mr. Barber Power Play 2500 Hair Dryer for Ladies with Dense Hair features an automatic overheat prevention system, a cool shot button, and two simple attachments, making it an excellent drying companion.

Allow it to dry for a few minutes first: Always wait at least half an hour after showering before beginning to dry your hair.Let it naturally dry a little and then pick up the dryer. This will not only make the procedure quicker, but it will also lessen the harm. The Philips BHD006/00 Hair Dryer, White and Blue, provides a quieter and gentler drying experience.This 1600W hair dryer has a unique thermo-protect temperature setting that gives protection against overheating. It also features three variable speed options and a low-noise formula.

Use the dryer only if it is absolutely necessary. If you can do without putting heat on your hair, there’s nothing like it. Try to avoid heat styling on days when it can be prevented. This will save you time and effort later on when returning your hair to its normal form.


‘What are the greatest hair dryers available online?

Nothing shouts morning like freshly prepared coffee and freshly cleaned hair. Hair dryers come in handy when there is no time for air-drying and you are in dire need of a quick-fix or when the deluge outside shows no ounce of pity. Apart from immediately drying the hair, hair dryers battle frizz, straighten and set hairstyles.

Braun Stain Hair 3 HD385 Powerful & Lightware 2000w Hair Dryer offers an ideal drying temperature of 2000 watts to eliminate frizz. Its millions of active ions offer a smooth glossy finish, whilst its cold shot function locks down the style and keeps it there for hours. Its lightweight and ergonomic design provides simple styling and carrying about.

The Ikonic Professional Mini Dryer (Black)’s compact size and lightweight construction make it the perfect travel companion. This styling tool is tiny yet powerful enough to produce lustrous, silky hair. Equipped with a nozzle and a diffuser, it provides adjustable air and speed settings for every mood and occasion.

The Chaoba 2800 Hair Dryer Professional Range is an inexpensive choice to obtain professional salon-style appearances at home. Lightweight, ergonomically constructed, and strong, it offers flawlessly dried hair that is long-lasting and safe. To top things off, it boasts an easy-to-clean surface that requires very little upkeep.

When in doubt, Toni & Guy, Philips, Braun, and Vega are some popular brands to select from. Extremely useful and ideal for all hair types, from curly to wavy to straight, you can choose from a wide range of high-quality hair dryers available at the best prices online or in your local Girlistan store.

‘Check out our broad range of hair appliances online at girlistan.


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