Here are Some Easy Going and Cheap Movie Date Dress Ideas

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What is it about a movie date out that make them so fun? It’s the idea that you don’t have to worry about going into costume or makeup because your date is just like any other average person. Just get dressed up and go with friends and family to enjoy the great outdoors while enjoying a night of drinks, movies, and food. To make the most of your night, take a moment to think about what you would want to wear to compliment your dress. It’s always best to look good on the big screen than in real life.

The idea of a movie date dress ideas does not mean that you have to dress up like a character from the movie. Simple and easy to wear clothing can be worn and still make the evening memorable. Outfits can be casual or elegant, revealing or covering. When you’re choosing a dress, you want to think of what you’ll wear the next day or in two days’ time as well as what you’ll be wearing on the evening of the movie.

Simple and Easy to Wear Movie date dress Ideas:

One of the best movie date dress ideas is to wear a simple and elegant dinner dress. You’ll want to choose a dinner jacket or coat in a neutral color and medium to thin fabric that will easily match your pants and shirt. For the pants, black pants are classic but you could also wear dark jeans if you don’t want to wear the jacket. Opt for a dinner jacket that has a belt so your jacket doesn’t stick out. Don’t forget your white shirt or tuxedo for a more formal look.

These movie-date dress ideas are great when you just want to relax and enjoy the evening. Simply wear a pair of jeans, a button down shirt, a sweater and you’re ready for anything. For the shirt, you can wear a button down Oxford, a dressy top and you’re all set. Simple and easy to wear! Five go to dinner and a movie night dress formulas college students have been using for years with great success.

Movie Date dress Ideas with a Twist

You can use the same five go to dinner and a movie date dress formula mentioned above but put these two outfits together. Instead of a dinner jacket, wear a nice dress or dressy top coupled with a pair of shorts. Add a v-neck sweater and you have the perfect movie night dress.

Wear a nice dress, just like the one above, except this time, wear your movie date dress on the weekends instead of the evenings. For this look, wear a dress that is more comfortable to you. This way, you won’t feel as compelled to wear the heavy, uncomfortable dresses that are very popular during the school holidays and the weekly dances.

In addition to wearing a nice dress, why not pair it with some nice jeans? Many college students like to wear a black or charcoal colored skinny Jean, usually with a zip down collar. With this dress, you’ll be spending some casual evenings so choose a dress that is comfortable and easy to wear and a great look for the evening.

Wear something casual and simple such as a short-sleeved blouse and some stylish jeans. Wear something that you can wear again. You don’t need to spend a fortune to look good and be comfortable at the movies. Just remember to choose some great dressy casual attire and you’re sure to enjoy every single second of it!

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