How to take amazing fashion photos with your Phone | Best tips for photography on phone

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Photo by Alex Blăjan
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When it comes to fashion photography, your phone may not be the ideal option. In reality, your phone’s camera is great for casual fashion shots and is adaptable and high-quality. Whether you’re recording a fresh look for Instagram, photographing clothing for your small business, or simply having a good time, the best camera is the one you carry with you! 

Here are our top tips for fashion photography on phone.

What exactly is fashion photography?

Fashion photography focuses on clothing or accessories. Magazines and apparel firms utilise fashion photography, but so do Influencers, celebrities, and small businesses. While Vogue may not use phones for photography sessions, most fashion shoots do.

There are four different sorts of fashion photographs.

So you’re ready to dive into the realm of smart mobile phone fashion photography but aren’t sure where to start. Learn about the different forms of fashion photography and pick one that suits your particular style. Here are the four major fashion photography styles.

  • If you want to organise a spectacular fashion shoot, try high fashion photography, where everything is managed and groomed. High fashion photography requires carefully selected models, hairstyles, clothing, cosmetics, and locations. The time and money spent preparing for a high fashion session warrants a high-quality camera to match.
  • Want to tell a narrative with your fashion photography? Editorial fashion shoots frequently follow a theme. Clothing and accessories are significant, but so is the person wearing them and their activity. Instagram influencers use editorial fashion photographs to highlight a person or brand’s storey. For example, a fashion shoot concentrating on hiking boots would be planned on a mountain trail.
  • Catalog photography is a kind of product photography. This type of fashion session is designed to market apparel or accessories. Yes, a model is used for catalogue photos, but the apparel is the focus.
  • Street fashion photography: For the casual smart mobile phone photographer, street photography and fashion photography go hand in hand. Street fashion shoots often feature ordinary individuals in ordinary clothes. So you don’t need to worry about fancy hair or cosmetics. Influencers on Instagram often use this style of photography.

Fashion photography techniques for a home shoot

To control every aspect of your fashion shoot, you should first create a setup that you can employ at home. In catalogue photography, capturing apparel in good light is more crucial than the setting. Any area in your house can be used as a fashion shoot backdrop. Or you may create a home studio with a unique backdrop and lights. It all depends upon your photography style as well as the aesthetic you want to achieve. Ideas for the at-home fashion photographer.

Get some portable lighting for your home.

Lighting is important in fashion photography. And you’ll need artificial light to get sharp photographs that stand out. We propose starting with a single light, which may be utilised as a high-power flash or as a light, depending on the aesthetic. Most fashion shoots require only one light source. 

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To decrease clutter in your images, buy or construct neutral backdrops.

Unless you are shooting in an empty room with simple walls, your background is the most critical piece of equipment. You may buy studio backdrops. You can also use big pieces of cloth to create a backdrop. 10-12 feet is plenty for full-body fashion photographs, with 5 feet to fall on the floor. Using studio wall hooks, you can quickly hang multiple backdrops. This is much easier than using a backdrop stand.

For sharp photographs, use a tripod as well as a remote shutter.

Fashion photography requires clear, focused images. The best technique to avoid fuzzy images is to use a tripod and a remote shutter. Take advantage of a remote shutter to limit the danger of blurry images. After framing your photo, you won’t need to touch your screen.

Experiment with camera angles

Here’s a tiny trick to make your fashion photography stand out. Find a camera angle that accentuates your subject’s clothing. Most images are taken at eye level, which is how we all see the world. So get high or low to shoot your object from an unusual angle. We assure that even snapping from the waist will provide a unique perspective.

Include movement in your images.

Photographing clothing is fun since the fabric moves with your model. This motion will make the audience feel part of the action. Advise your subject to change position slowly and deliberately based on their clothing. Longer, flowy dresses and skirts move more than skinny pants. This would be to capture the garment in use. A little fan can also help your model’s clothes and hair move naturally.

How to take outdoor fashion photos with your phone

Outdoor fashion sessions are ideal for all forms of fashion photography, providing you plan ahead for plenty of natural light.  For outdoor photoshoots, here are a few fashion photography ideas.

Prepare sites for your fashion shoot.

Outdoor fashion shots are great since you can be creative with your surroundings. Choosing the appropriate venue for your shoot is half the fun! Select a place that complements the dress and accessories. Or go wild and shoot evening wear on a riverbank or a swimwear on a high-rise balcony. Keep a list of favourite spots on your phone. You’ll rarely run out of interesting locations for fashion shots.

Go early or late

Early morning or late evening photoshoots have many advantages. If you arrive early enough, you may avoid distracting crowds while snapping shots. Early morning urban fashion photography. You’ll capture the sun’s golden rays and a calm, controlled street scene.

Another alternative is to go out after dark for interesting night photographs with city lights. If your smart mobile phone has a Night mode, it performs an excellent job shooting your image in low light. For night photographs, use a tripod and advise your subject to keep still.

Direct sunlight with a reflector

Sunlight is among the greatest methods to photograph clothing. eflectors will aid you direct the sun where it is most needed. Position your models in respect to the sun and a reflector in numerous ways:

  • Face your model away from the sun. Reflector then bounces light back upon them.
  • Use a reflector beneath your subject to bounce light upward, eliminating shadows.
  • If you’re in patchy shade, a reflector might help balance out the light. Place the reflector on front of sun to hide the light.
  • Portrait mode for softer backgrounds

Using a DSLR allows you to set the aperture for a shallow depth of field. In layman’s terms, this means sharpening the main subject while softening the backdrop. On smart mobile phone, use Portrait mode to get this effect. It also works well to soften a cluttered background in a fashion shoot.

Use props to spice up your fashion photos

During your fashion session, you’ll probably want to capture a few outfits or accessories. Aside from the chosen pieces, several additional props might assist tell a storey or add intrigue to your fashion shot. Bring caps, an umbrella, and wraps. Consider items that your model can handle during your session and how you may use them in your photos.

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