Petite Women’s Autumn Clothing: The 7 Best Pieces for the Season

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Autumn Clothing
Photo by Enis Yavuz
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I have always found clothing to be simple because I am little in stature. While it’s true that I have to go to the tailor more often than others and I dislike wearing flats because of the style benefit they offer, it’s always been apparent to me how to purchase and dress well. So surprising is my small stature that people often hear that I’m 5’2″ and are startled.

However, if you have found it more difficult, don’t fret since I’m here for you! I’m lucky to offer my style and shopping advice to all of you since I really like doing it. Today’s selections are for all my short friends. Please keep scrolling if you want to find out about and purchase the eight items I will be purchasing this season.

For a pair of longish jeans

I’ve previously given a lengthy dissertation on this denim re-arrangement topic—got it? My new favourite jeans are cut short and look sexy with a cuff at the ankle.

High-heeled boots

Any heel height is fine because my guideline is to stay away from flat shoes. I have a few pairs of heeled boots in my closet, but I make a point of having at least one flat and more casual pair, as I want to have a little additional height without feeling too overdressed.

Extended Overcoats

An extra inch of height may be gained by using long coats that are worn open since the wide swath of fabric over the front of the body makes one look taller. Of course, this is also because they are incredibly fashionable, so it’s a true bonus all around.

Short cardigans

Since cardigans are a staple of my autumn wardrobe, and I happen to be of shorter stature, I find it preferable to wear them cropped. I will wear them as blouses all season long, with high-waisted jeans.

Short skirts

When the weather turns chilly, I adore matching miniskirts with sweaters. Because of the low hemline, this style is ideal for petite females, especially since the skirts help elongate their legs.

Mules with kitten heels

As I said previously, my habit of constantly wearing heels… My second favourite footwear is kitten-heeled mules. In addition to being comfy, they strike the ideal mix between laid-back and put-together, so I can feel confident wearing them anyplace.

Overcoats with belts

Of course, one last but definitely not least recommendation is the belted blazer that accentuates the waist for women of all shapes and sizes—trust me. Wear them as an undershirt or alone as a kind of clubwear, and you’ll never regret it.

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