What are Fanny packs and why are these coming back in trend? People seem to love Googling these Ugly Fashion Trends

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Photo by Jose Luis Espindola
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There’s no disputing that the fashion industry has its highs and lows. Some styles gain traction by appealing to the world’s TikTokers, Instagram real makers, while others earn prominence by being known for being unattractive, ugly, and exceedingly comfortable.

We still can’t believe bum-bags are making a comeback – there is a slew of awkward kid fashions on the rise. It could be COVID or celeb social media exposure, but a look at Google search queries suggests that we’re intrigued with the good, awful, and even ugly style choices of 2020 and 2021. So let’s take a closer look.

Fanny packs or Bumbag | What are Fanny packs?

Fanny packs and bum bags are trendy right now. So dress these up, or pair them with a bold bum bag for a festival look. These accessories, which come in various colours and sizes, are a practical complement to any outfit, allowing you to keep your wallet, phone, or even a tiny camera without having to lug around a full-sized shoulder bag.

Bum bags were once regarded to be exclusively useful for travelling. However, their search pattern has been somewhat volatile throughout the last year. With the rise of athleisure, bum bags have gained popularity. Not only Nike and Reebok but also Prada and Burberry have jumped on the bum bag bandwagon!

How to carry a bum bag?  Whatever you think is proper!


Crocs have come a long way from their ugliness. Ugly fashion icon now delivers elegant, utilitarian and incredibly charming footwear to front doors worldwide, leveraging the potential of a popular yet selective clientele. Actually, Crocs were always going to dominate; they just needed to get started.

Wear your crocs however you want — nobody should make you!

Neon clothing

Neon colours can be either too intense or too joyful. Despite the polarising nature of neon clothes, there has been a continuous surge in all things neon, thanks to the adoption of visually stunning motifs by high fashion retailers like Gucci and Zara.

Don’t know how to wear your neon? We’re here to assist you. Add a black coat or sheer stockings to make your neon dress sparkle if the weather is cool. Feeling self-conscious? With neutral accessories and natural make-up, you may tone down your flamboyantly bright fashion selections.

Yellow/Rain Jackets

Raincoats are a must-have for any outfit. Nobody cared how these functionally terrible objects appeared because they were functionally nostalgic.  Yellow rain jackets are still popular in India, Australia and portions of Europe, according to Google trends.


Scrunchies have made a full-fledged reappearance. These charming scrunchies can dress up a sloppy bun or give a burst of colour to a ponytail. Make scrunchies work for your style by choosing from a variety of colours, prints, and styles. Are you going out tonight? Keep your hair out of your eyes with a silver scrunchie.

Plaid Shirts

A long time staple, plaid shirts have never been out of style or out of the shops. These shirts are cheap, easy to find, and comfortable.  Brands like Vans, Carhartt, and even Patagonia have kept plaid shirts relevant. This season’s trendy feminine plaid looks well with a basic black tank top and blue denim or a casual dress.

Low-Rise Jeans

In the past, we have seen several kids wearing low-rise infatuation, flaunting their hips and navels with attractive crops, body glitter, and fake tattoos. Finally, it seems that comeback of these low-rise basics. These versatile – yet exposing – pants are excellent for day-to-night looks. Wear a jacket and shoes to work for a casual look!

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