Wondering how to find sunglasses for different face shapes? look at these suggestions for buying sunglasses that complement your face shape

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Sunglasses are a powerful fashion statement. The best fashion pieces are personalised for you. The best eyeglasses, like the best jeans, flatter your contours and shape.

However, while you cannot customise your shades, you can pick the perfect size and style comfortable and flattering to your face shape and wear them with confidence. Keep reading to learn how to choose the ideal shades for your facial structure.

The Best Way to Determine Your Face Shape. and find sunglasses for different face shape

Your blood group and complexion may be well-known to you, but do you understand what kind of facial structure you have? Face shape affects whether frame styles look well on you.

Continue reading to learn how to identify your face shape. First, move your hair away from your face. Next, find your face’s broadest point. Is it your brow? Chin? But also glance at your jaw for an indicator of your facial shape. Is it sp? Pointy?

Round Shape Face

On either side of your brow and jawline, your face is the largest. Therefore, your chin should be parallel to your jaw.  Consider your sunglasses to be a contour kit for your face. They can assist add clarity where needed. To balance a round face, use angular frames. You should avoid soft lines and rounded edgesd because they will draw attention to your facial shape even more.

Square Shape Face

If you have a square face, your jawline, cheeks, and forehead are likely the same width, and you have a strong jawline.  If square frames complement circular faces, then a circular frame will do the same. So, seek rounded corners and gentle angles. These can help to soften angular jawlines and square foreheads.

Heart Shape Face

Your forehead is the broadest portion of your face, and it gets narrower towards your jawline. Thus, your chin may extend behind your jawline as a result of this condition.   Contrary to previous assertions, the finest frames for heart-shaped faces are heart-shaped. Cat-eye and aviator sunglasses are broader at the top and small at the bottom. So they will emphasise your best traits. But you must balance your features. So, if they are petite, go with petite frames.

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