Emotional Intelligence, and Why You Need It

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“The foundation of effective relationships is openness, communication, and intimacy, all of which are facilitated by emotional availability. In this article, we will examine why so many people have difficulty being emotionally available and how we may enhance our self-acceptance and self-appraisal in a number of methods. Emotional availability or inaccessibility is a product of one’s own history. Negative attachment patterns can develop as a result of not getting love, affirmation, or support. Becoming emotionally unavailable might be hindered by narratives such as the fear of being unloved or a lack of confidence in the ability of people to show up for you.

Painful and frustrating feelings might result from a lack of emotional awareness and empathy. Culturally reinforced messages that emotions and vulnerability are “weak” can also make it difficult for males to feel comfortable enough to open up about their feelings. Your mental health and your relationships can improve if you become more emotionally open. Make a list of all the relationships in your life to see if there are any issues that are causing you to become more emotionally guarded. To be more open, you need to deal with the emotional difficulties that keep you from connecting with your true self.”

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