The 5 Worst Female Weight Loss Obstacles

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The 5 Worst Female Weight Loss Obstacles

Our focus today will be on five hormones that make it more difficult for women to shed pounds. Some women acquire weight because of an imbalance in certain hormones, which makes it harder for them to lose weight. Hormonal profile and balancing defective hormones would be appropriate. It’s a guarantee that you’ll gain belly fat if you’re always stressed! You may learn about “10 Ways to Reduce Stress and Lose Weight” by clicking here.

The satiety hormone leptin tells the brain when you’re satisfied with the amount of food you’ve eaten. The thyroid, growth hormone, and adrenal glands are all regulated by this hormone. Weight loss becomes extremely tough for those who are leptin resistant since the body is constantly hungry. These factors all contribute to leptin resistance: dieting yoyo, stress, and free radicals. Thyroid hormone (T3, T4) deficiency can have a significant impact on weight reduction.

When thyroid hormones are out of whack, the body’s metabolism slows down, resulting in weight gain. Both high and low oestrogen hormone levels can promote insulin resistance in the body’s cells. During menopause, low oestrogen levels can contribute to fast weight gain.

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