The 8 Workouts That Make You Feel Like You’ve Just Worked Out  

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The 8 Workouts That Make You Feel Like You've Just Worked Out

EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) is the amount of oxygen required by the body to return to pre-workout conditions, often known as the “afterburn” effect. The muscles in our bodies run out of oxygen when we engage in strenuous activity or exercise, and our usual breathing cannot keep up with the demand. As a result of this, the body experiences a “oxygen deficit” that must be repaid over the following several hours, using energy (in the form of calories). Jumping on boxes, working significant muscle groups like the core and legs (for the lower body), and performing pushups with hand claps are all part of the plyometric workout (for upper body). Cardio with high knees boosts metabolism and maintains it elevated for extended periods of time. Your weight reduction attempts will benefit from squats and lunges since they activate leg muscles, which burn calories.

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