To show your love, here is a list of the best gifts to give your partner.

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“That’s OK if you bought your boyfriend a Valentine’s Day present. Even if he’s giving you things, don’t ask him to have sex with you. Lovemaking isn’t a gift, but a kind of pleasure. Don’t taint your morals by having a baby outside of marriage. Fornication outside of marriage is a sin in God’s eyes.

You don’t get love by having sex. Sexual indiscipline in a romantic relationship is a significant offence to God, and he takes it very seriously. It’s called FORNICATION in the Bible. Most of the time it’s the females that have to put up with it. Many men’s hearts are susceptible on Valentine’s Day, so please exercise restraint.

Pregnancy is a nine-month ordeal, along with all of the difficulties that go along with it. If you get a woman pregnant this Valentine’s Day and you aren’t married, God will be really displeased with you. Refuse to be a single mother and a baby-mama. Better is due to you. Be forewarned, please.”

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