Kjaer Weis Sale: Save 25% On Clean Makeup + Skin Care

How much can you save on clean makeup and skin care during the Kjaer Weis sale?

I want to be transparent as a lover of clean beauty products – investing in high-quality everyday essentials is worth it, whether it’s a skin tint, mascara, or lipstick. However, these staples don’t have to cost a fortune. Fortunately, the Kjaer Weis Friends & Family sale is now available, providing a discount of 25% on the entire website. This is a significant deal for fans of clean beauty since the luxury brand’s organic formulas are highly effective. From mascaras that mimic false lashes to brightening balms that enhance and lift under-eye areas, Kjaer Weis products also offer refillable packaging which numerous editors swear by. The only drawback is that the sale ends on May 29, so don’t waste time scrolling through products when you can be enjoying the spring sunshine. Check out our top picks from the sale below.

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