How to do Pedicure at home | Pampering your feet will leave you feeling relaxed and with wonderful silky feet

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During the lockdown, when all saloons were closed, we discovered how much money we wasted on sallon,  something we could simply do at home.In our hectic lives, it’s crucial to take care of oneself. We care for our body and face always, but often ignore our foot. Pampering your feet will leave you feeling relaxed and with wonderful silky feet. Because your feet want relaxation and pampering as well. So, in this piece, I’ll show you how to get a pedicure at home using simple materials that you probably already have on hand.

What you’ll need for a pedicure

  • Nail clipper
  • Removes nail polish
  • File for your nails
  • Remover of cuticles
  • Cream for cuticles
  • Pumice stone or foot scrubber
  • Moisturizer for the feet

Gather all of your supplies and begin a step-by-step pedicure at home.


To begin, use nail paint remover wipes to remove your old nail polish. Then, if necessary, trim and shape your nails. Give them the shape you want with a nail file.

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Fill a tub halfway with warm water and see if your feet can stand the heat. Then add some bath salt (if bath salt isn’t available, use regular salt) and body wash or shampoo, as well as one lemon if you have a tanning problem on your feet. After that, combine everything in a bowl of water and soak your feet for 20 minutes.

After that, dry your feet with a towel to feel calm.


If you have any dead cells around your nail after step 2, use a cuticle remover to remove them. If you don’t have any, skip this step. After that, apply cuticle cream to your nails and use a foot scrub to remove dead skin cells from your feet. Wipe away the cuticle cream and use a cuticle pusher to gently push your cuticle.

After that, wash and dry your feet with a towel.


Apply moisturiser to your feet after drying them and gently massage them. Moistruser hydrates, tones, and protects the skin, as well as preventing dryness and cracking in the heels.


This is the very last step. Now that your feet have been washed, you can apply nail paint to your nails.

Choose a colour for them and paint them. Always paint your base coat before applying nail paint.

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