Natural Ways to Reduce Breast Size at Home

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As our society has changed, larger breasts are generally seen as an aesthetic asset. Ever, bigger breasts have numerous downsides, too. They create a lot of pain in the neck and shoulder. In addition, your bra strap can create a marked indentation on your shoulder. Also, they tend to sag over time.

On the other hand, smaller breasts have less or no back discomfort compared to painful ladies who are bushier. In addition, with smaller breasts, it is also much easier to get braless. Surgery is one solution. However, not everyone is willing to take the hazards of surgery via their bodies. Here are some of the greatest techniques to naturally reduce breast size at home.


One of the best answers to breast reduction is via yoga naturally. These asanas also have a very great effect on your entire body to decrease your breast size.

Namaskar Surya (Sun Salutation)

Surya Namaskar is one of the best breast size asanas. In addition, it also helps you get your breast firm and tight. A combination of 12 various positions helps to minimise the fat on your chest and below your breasts. This yoga asana can be performed every day for about 15-20 minutes for the finest effects.

Setubajana (Bridge Pose)

The bridge posture, also known as Setubandhasana, improves your breast firmness, strength and shape. This exercise also inhibits breast shrinking and tightens the pecto-ral muscles. This pose can be executed 3 or 4 times a week for good results.

Chakrasana  (Moon Pose)

The Chakrasana, often known as the moon posture, is another very efficient exercise to naturally reduce breast size. In addition, the stance gives your body a natural stretch. This stance also tones your upper body and arms apart from the burning fat around the chest area.

Virabhadrasana (Warrior Pose)

Virabhadrasana is a classic pose that stimulates the whole body. The warrior tones the breast region and helps minimise the breast size. This yoga stance must be performed daily to notice visible changes.

Dhanurasana Sun (Bow Pose)

As the name says, you must shape your body in the form of an arc in this Yogasana. By extending the whole front of your body, it safely minimises the size of your breasts. This stance is not, however, recommended for persons with disc and spinal cord disorders.

Manduca’s (Frog Pose)

Among all the asanas discussed here, Mandukasana is perhaps the best practise to reduce breast size with yoga. This asana extends over the throat, the groyne, the thorax, the ankle and the abdomen, in addition to reducing breast size.

Padahastasana (Hand Under Foot Pose)

As the name implies, you must put your hand under your foot, which needs flexibility. It’s one of the best drills for breast reduction with yoga. First, elevate your arms, breathe deeply and bend forward. Try to put your hand below your feet. The entire process should be slow and consistent. Repeat it for the optimum advantage 3 or 4 times a day.


You might ask how exercise might diminish breast size. Well, here are few aerobic workouts that will assist you get a lower breast size slowly but surely. You can also wear a sports bra to minimise the size of the breast. Studies have revealed that the type of bra might influence your breast size as well.


Push-ups are one of the finest workouts for breast strain. The workout burns thoroughly, tightens and tones the chest muscles. Put your palm and toes on the floor first. The position is analogous to the position of a board. Next, make sure the arms are straight behind your shoulder and the upper body. Now lower your body (exhale) and return (inhale). Repeat this for five repetitions three times.

Fly Dumbbell

Another highly effective workout is the stupid fly to minimise the breast size. The training focuses on toning the chest with the burning of extra fat and muscular tightness. You have to lie on a bench here. Then take a heavy stupid dumbbell and hold it over your head. Then elevate the stupidity slightly and bring it closer to your chest. Similarly, slowly go back up. In three sets do 10 repetitions for the best results.


Breast reduction plank is one of the top body fat burning exercises. Not only does this exercise eliminate chest fat, it also improves your posture and flexibility. Lie down on the floor first. Then put your hands right under your shoulder like a pull-up. Take a deep breath and lift the body. Keep this position as long as you can. Make sure you usually breathe, clench your ass and strain your abdominal muscles.


Since the breast consists mostly of fatty tissue, what you eat can help your breast size. A highly healthy diet that’s low in calories can efficiently reduce breast size without exercising. Lean meats, fish, vegetables and citrus fruit are some prominent breast reduction foods.

Other breast size meals are green tea, flax seeds, ginger and fenugreek. These nutrients boost the function of the brain, reduce blood pressure, control hormones and burn excess fat to reduce the breast size. Make sure you drink sufficient water all day while lowering your salt intake as well. In addition, the consumption of soluble fibre also decreases oestrogen, reducing the size of the breast in turn. Many studies have also demonstrated that you can eat coffee to shrink breasts. Caffeine can also help you burn body fat, lowering the size of the breast.

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