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‘What are maternity pants?

These maternity pants, made of soft, stretchable, and breathable fabric, provide the necessary support without squeezing your tummy too tightly.They are explicitly designed to sustain the flow of your wavering shape without becoming too harsh on the skin.

‘Why should you buy a maternity panty?

These pregnancy pants provide maximum softness, fitness, and stretch, adapting to the changes that take place during this period in areas like the tummy and buttocks. Maternity panties are crafted with fabric that is also highly sweat-absorbent and antibacterial to avoid any skin problems, along with being seamless to be worn under outerwear with confidence. These pants also come with support panels that brilliantly perform the function of containing and supporting any compression. They are designed using soft anti-chafe elastic along the waistband and leg openings that do not cause any rashes or irritation.

‘What points should you remember while buying a maternity panty?

Understand your shoe size.

Considering your current size doesn’t literally mean your current size, but the calculative idea of how many weeks you still have to go and how much weight you could potentially gain during that time. It provides a fit test to make it easier for you to pick the right size of the panty.

‘Rise in the Waist

You can get underwear that is low-rider and high-waist that comes up over your belly. During pregnancy, women need sturdy yet comfy pants that give the proper support while giving a tucked-in feeling. High-waisted maternity pants work best for such conditions and are ideal for everyday wear.

Understand your level of comfort.

If you don’t want to take the granny panty route, there are a lot of trendy women’s maternity underwear options out there. We have a range of bright solid shades and ones with pretty laces and trims too. Pick a panty that makes you feel good about yourself.

‘When to start wearing a maternity panty?

There is no hard and fast rule as to when you must start wearing maternity underwear. Some women put on a lot of weight right from the beginning of their pregnancy. Other women start to pile on the pounds in the last half of their pregnancy. Maternity underwear can help you feel more comfortable when you’re in late pregnancy. Then again, the situation varies according to body type.

‘Where can you buy maternity pants online?

Being a mother is one of the most special feelings for a woman, and on a journey to becoming one, she deserves all the care and attention. This brings you an absolute range of maternity panties that have been crafted with the same care and precision with which you take care of your little one. Pregnancy pants are crafted to overcome and support you during all the physical changes that a woman faces during pregnancy. Indulge in maternity panties online shopping to get great discounts on your favourite maternity undergarments.

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