Why Can’t Women Be Honest About Wanting Long-Term Commitment

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Here’s a wonderful question from my Facebook group for high-value feminine women addressing the seeming imbalance between women and men in dating.

Whereas males can declare their intention to have casual, no-strings-attached sex before even going on a first date, women, presumably, cannot state their desire for something long-term (i.e., commitment from a guy) before going on a first date?

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It’s OK for Men to State Their Desire for Casual Sex, but Not OK for Women to State THIS?

‘Here’s a snapshot of the nice lady’s question…

OK, so I have an honest dating question that I think is worth sharing. Why is it that a male setting out his intentions for sex is regarded as casual and not a problem, yet it’s considered putting yourself out there too quickly if as a woman you outline your purpose for an LTR and marriage? & nbsp;

You’re not suggesting that you’re aiming to tie the knot on the 2nd date, only that your ultimate goal and intention is something significant. So why is it considered such a terrible thing to say, i.e., don’t suggest a relationship or marriage too soon or you’ll frighten him away? REALLY? & nbsp;

‘But it’s entirely acceptable for him to discuss sex, take you home to his apartment, and more.

I feel that that’s a tremendous discrepancy and cause for concern. Women’s advancements in the workplace and sexual freedom have created a dynamic in which males feel they no longer need to work, court, or develop a foundation with us, which I believe is counterproductive.

Actually, I adore femininity, but I despise feminism because it feels like it has done more to empower and make life easier for men than women.

Power and achievement are judged on a scale of “if a man or men can accomplish it, so can I.” To be a successful, self-assured woman, emulate the traits of a male to the greatest extent feasible. & nbsp;

Success in the corporate world is equated with a high-paying career, while staying at home and raising a family is seen as a failure. On the other hand, having a wide variety of sexual experiences and meeting men from many walks of life is seen as empowering

‘I realise I’ve covered a lot here, but I’d want to know what you think about it all.

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Thanks for posing insightful questions, and I appreciate your interest. In order to address your inquiries, I’m afraid some of the women here may be offended by my political remarks. In spite of my apprehensions, the truth is the truth.

‘Exactly why did the feminist movement begin?

As a prevalent belief, our forebears struggled for women’s equality. It’s possible that the truth is more like this:

Government propaganda (infiltrated schools and society) pushed them to strive for their rights since the emergence of the feminist movement helped to dismantle our society and the family unit.

When a large number of moms are working outside the house, they are unable to devote as much time to their families as they otherwise would.

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‘Inexperienced sex drives young women mad.

In terms of the “casual sex” catchphrase…


Since the dawn of time, women have gravitated toward casual sex because it’s what they’ve always done.

Young women are being corrupted once more by the concept that it’s OK to put more emphasis on hedonistic behaviour than on their deepest desires for a family. This is a risk worth taking, even if it means feeling horrible afterwards. & nbsp;

Keep this in mind:

‘Just to reiterate what I’ve already said on my blog:

People must rely on the government and put their faith in it when their families break down.

As a result of this, authority gradually shifts from the people to the government over several generations.

(A reliant populace is a powerless one.)

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When men behave in this way up front, it DOES cost them.

Now for the answers to your concerns about why it is OK for males to express their desire for sexual relations.

‘Because they believe that by being honest, they are taking care of women.

There are a lot of women who are fed up with encountering men who act this way, so it’s not really appropriate for them to announce their intentions in this way.

(Men who lead with the goal of being casual frequently fail because high-value women looking for commitment want men to lead with this goal.)

‘This is due to the fact that it is upsetting!

It doesn’t help either of you, it doesn’t build a bridge between the sexes, it just says, “I want, I want, I want.”

After all, men don’t get away with everything. In reality, it is the males who play games with women that we perceive as the villains.

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In a guy’s opinion, the appropriate thing to do is to ensure that you know his intentions and that you don’t cling onto him for a relationship and give him a headache instead.

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How come women aren’t able to declare their intentions for long-term relationships?

It’s a common belief that women should avoid expressing their desire for a long-term relationship.

‘So, I’ll respond in accordance with OUR guiding principles and ideals.

It’s not a terrible idea to express your desire. This is vital, but it can override the process of forming the initial connection and attraction that leads to a strong pair bond if you take the lead and feel the need to declare it to every man you meet.

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Rather, it’s not that we don’t want women to discuss the issue. Acknowledging this fact is the first step.

If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, don’t start with that because of your prior wounds, fears, or frustrations with males.

‘People don’t fall in love and build relationships like that!

For the record, I’ve never enjoyed my stay-at-home mom job as much as I do now that the world is the way it is.

Every mother knows her kids are part of the future, and don’t worry ladies… they won’t turn out like those wimpy guys you see today.

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