Have you ever wondered why some women can wear elaborate Makeup and feel confident as they walk on the streets while others are not so lucky?

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Girlistan - Have you ever wondered why some women can wear elaborate Makeup and feel confident as they walk on the streets while others are not so lucky?

The answer to that question lies in the fact that some of us like to be more beautiful than the others and hence we will do all that is possible just to gain that extra edge over the rest. One of the most common reasons for such a boost in confidence comes from the options that we have at our disposal. Now when it comes to beauty there are two categories of options that are open to any of us – Aesthetic Boosts and Cognitive Boosts.

Let us discuss the first category of aesthetic enhancement with the help of some examples. Women who wish to look beautiful can go for cosmetics such as eye-shadows, lip-stick, blush, eye shadow and mascara. Those who want to appear more confident can make use of the same makeup but in addition with a social media strategy such as wearing makeup that draws attention to your eyes and face.

The second category of options includes some Indian makeups that help in enhancing our social media presence, thus enhancing our looks and confidence. If we want to look gorgeous, we should be able to wear makeup that not only makes us look gorgeous but also helps to create a good first impression. It therefore goes without saying that choosing the right kind of makeup is very important. Here are some tips that one can implement to not only make oneself look stunning but also feel comfortable and confident.

While choosing a makeup for oneself, the first thing that one needs to understand is her skin tone. The colors that look soothing and go well with the skin tone are the ones that one should select. There are different kinds of cosmetic ranging from those that are meant for short term wear, medium wear and long wear makeup. Those meant for short term wear are mostly sheer and do not cover much of the face such as the mineral makeup. They are light and fresh looking that provide a fresh look and an even skin tone which are perfect for a woman who wants to look stunning and bold at the same time.

Similarly, those meant for long wear makeup are more rich in texture and provide a matte and luxurious look. They are like liquid cosmetics which provide a flawless look to the skin which is perfect for wearing makeup everyday. Women who want to wear makeup everyday can opt for a liquid eyeliner and a brushable powder. This will make the application easy and convenient especially when they are wearing their makeup before hitting the sack or after a tiring day at work. If they want to wear makeup on their eyelids, they should opt for a product that does not smudge easily.

Those who wear makeup daily need makeup that does not end up blocking the pores around the eyes. This is because some of the products that are sold in the market today have ingredients which cause the pores to block which may result in acne. They need to look out for eye pencils that can be used to highlight and enhance their facial features. Women who want to buy a great pencil which gives them a natural and glowing effect, they should opt for a product that has green leaf extracts in it.

Those who wear makeup daily need to choose products that nourish their skin and provide protection from the harmful rays of the sun. If you wear a product that is too greasy, it can cause breakouts on your skin and make your skin look uneven. When choosing a moisturizer, choose one that contains aloe vera, manuka honey or vitamin E. These ingredients provide nourishment to your skin and help you retain moisture better than any other moisturizers available in the market. Women who want to have a flawless complexion on their skin should opt for products that have SPF 15 in it. A sunscreen can protect your skin from the harmful UV rays while you are outside in the sun and keep your skin looking fresh even when you go back inside. You can also wear makeup that has antioxidants in it so that your face remains glowing and soft even after you go through heavy hours of work.

As you can see, makeup has a lot of benefits that help women to boost their personality. It does not require too much effort on the part of women. All you need to do is purchase a makeup that suits your skin type and your personality. Once you start using it on a regular basis, you will be able to see for yourself that it helps to improve your self-confidence as well as boost your personality.