self care ideas for spring

For many people, spring is a time of renewal and many people like to evaluate their self care plans. One great way to begin a healthier lifestyle is by evaluate your self care routine and what you could be doing better. Here’s some self care ideas for spring to get you started.

Journal Every Morning

The way you spend your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day, so make those first few minutes count.  And for many moms, the first morning minutes are busy with family care and other responsibilities. But if you wake up in a panic every morning with an overwhelming to-do list, the rest of your day is going to be chaotic as well. A better way to start your day is to set your alarm 20-30 minutes before you really need to get up. Use this time to yourself to get up slowly, grab some coffee or tea and possibly some journaling. Sit quietly and write in your journal, whether it is a gratitude journal, a bullet journal list of your daily tasks or you might simply try stream of consciousness writing.

Try Yoga or Gentle Morning Exercise

Yoga or another gentle physical activities are an excellent way to practice self care. By getting yourself moving in the morning, you increase your energy naturally,and get some of those healthy mood-boosting endorphins going. Not only that, but morning exercise have a wide range of benefits as well, from just getting it over with to giving your metabolism a needed boost for the rest of the day. Wake up a little earlier to have time for yoga, Pilates, or even a brisk walk around your neighborhood.

self care ideas for spring

Begin Your Day with a Healthy Smoothie or Juice

Getting healthier nutrients into your body is another important part of having a doable self care plan for the spring season. Since fresh produce is now going to be in season, it’s the perfect time for juicing, especially with a green juice or green smoothie. A good green drink is heavy on veggies and greens like kale, spinach, and broccoli. You can also use additional herbs and spices for even more nutrient power. The green juice not only allows you to get a lot of your day’s allotment of vitamins and minerals, but it gives you energy without overdoing the coffee. Not only that, when you get a healthy start to your day, you are much more likely to continue with it throughout the rest of the day.

Try Spring Herbal Tea for a Body Reset

If you’re trying to cut back on coffee, try to develop a taste for herbal teas, which are not only delicious but are also healing to your body and mind too. You’ll want to use herbs that are in season during this time of year, and offer a nice refreshing taste. Here are some spring herbal teas to try out.

Stinging Nettle Tea

When you look up favorite spring herbs, you’ll probably see stinging nettle mentioned frequently. It’s a popular option for the spring. It works very well for alleviating seasonal allergies, which are a problem for many people in the spring. Stinging nettle is a green, leafy herb that offers an earthy flavor if you use just the herb itself. You can always add some honey to sweeten it.


Chamomile tea is very familiar to most people. This is another healing herb that can be found year-round, but it’s very popular in the spring and summer months. Chamomile tea can be found in tea bags in your supermarket, or the actual dry tea leaves if you prefer to use itthat way. The best way to get the most nutrients is to use the dried chamomile herb blossoms and boil them in water yourself. Chamomile is not only delicious, but it’s relaxing and can help you sleep.


Have you ever had rose or rosehip tea? Rose is a perennial plant that has delicious, beautiful, and healing herbs. The rosehip tea uses the hips of a rose plant, which has more of a fruity flavor, but you can also get rose tea as well. This is excellent when used alone, but you can also get it mixed with other types of tea leaves like hibiscus or chamomile.

self care ideas for spring

Infused Water Recipes for Spring

Staying hydrated year round is essential to being as healthy as you can, while water prevents dehydration, gives you energy, and keeps you full between meals. In the spring, it’s even more important to stay hydrated because the weather is warmer and you spend more time in the hot sun and sweating. If you don’t like the taste of plain water, try some infused water recipes. For a good infused water, the fruit and herbs should be placed at the bottom of the pitcher after being sliced, with herbs with muddled to release the flavors and nutrients. Cover the ingredients with filtered water and some ice as well. The longer you keep it stored in the refrigerator before consuming it, the more flavored your infused water will become.

Blueberry, Lemon, and Mint

Combining 2-3 fruits with one of your favorite herbs is a really refreshing and delicious way to create a fruit-infused smoothie. Many berries are in season during the spring and summer months, so blueberries are an easy way to create infused water. You can also try out other berries and different herb. Some other options include blackberries, strawberries, and blackberries with basil or parsley. Mix and match to find what works for you

Watermelon and Cucumber

Another idea for your infused water is to not just use fruit, but vegetables as well. For a vegetable infused water, you need to pick a vegetable that has lots of water content and that will give a good amount of flavor without weighing down the water. Cucumber is perfect for this, since it has a crisp and refreshing taste, and will also improve the water flavor instead of ruining it. You can combine it with just about any fruit, but watermelon is easy to find and so healthy, it’s a wonderful choice for infused water.

Strawberry, Peach, and Green Apple

If you don’t want to use herbs or spices in your water, don’t stress about it You can pick your favorite fruit combination or any that you have available and put them together. This may not be a traditional combination of fruits but adding fruit will be refreshing and add a nice sweetness to infused water. Make sure when you use fruits like apples and peaches, you remove the skin first and slice them so that you get all those juices on the inside. For a good infused water, the fruit and herbs should be placed at the bottom of the pitcher after being sliced, with herbs with muddled to release the flavors and nutrients. Cover the ingredients with filtered water and some ice as well. The longer you keep it stored in the refrigerator before consuming it, the more flavored your infused water will become.

self care ideas for spring

Natural Seasonal Allergy Relief

Spring brings welcome relief from winter and lots of beauty into your life. Unfortunately, with more time outdoors and new flower growth comes annual seasonal allergies for many people. If you suffer from spring allergies, here are some natural remedies that may help.

Use Raw, Local Honey

Among the different natural remedies for seasonal allergies, using honey is one of the best options for allergy relief. The trick here is to buy raw honey, and preferably local honey instead of what you find in the supermarket or health food store. If you have local farmer’s near you, that’s probably the best place to find local, raw honey. Honey can not only help you relieve your current allergy symptoms, but using it on a regular basis year-round can actually help you build up a tolerance to those pesky spring allergies.

Eat More Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Your diet probably also needs to change when you start experiencing allergy symptoms. Follow an anti-inflammatory diet that consists of foods like broccoli, turmeric, ginger, avocado, chia seeds, beetroot, pineapples, and nuts. You’ll want to avoid foods that tend to cause extra inflammation and might even worsen seasonal allergy symptoms, including dairy, fried foods, corn oil, and processed foods. Sticking to a diet mostly of clean and fresh ingredients will make a big difference in how you feel.

Apple Cider Vinegar

If you’ve been reading about natural remedies, then you’ve probably read about apple cider vinegar a few times. It’s helped many people with seasonal allergies. Apple cider vinegar will help to detox your lymphatic system and reduce mucus production, which helps with the coughing and sneezing from your spring allergies. Don’t forget other natural remedies like avoiding the allergens and using a neti pot.

self care ideas for spring

The Best Essential Oils for Spring

Spring is a wonderful time of year to adapt more holistic lifestyle practices into your life, including using pure essential oils. The following information shows you how to use them during the spring and which ones can be best for this time of year.

Favorite essential oils for spring often calls for fruity, refreshing, floral type of scents. Try floral scents like rose and lavender, some chamomile, and citrus or refreshing scents like mint, eucalyptus, wild orange, and lemon. A favorite blend for allergies is lavender, peppermint and lemon essential oils.

Try Blending Different Essential Oils

You can use any essential oil on its own or with a carrier oil, but you’ll also want to check out essential oil blends. These combine two or more oils into one diffused scent. You can use these in the same ways as you would individual oils, such as diffusing them, wearing them or making soaps and candles. Put together scents you think will go together. Some ideas are vetiver and lemon, jasmine, rose and tangerine, or chamomile and rose.

Use an Essential Oil Diffuser

Now onto how you can use these essential oils in the spring. You will have all the same options, but in the spring, you might really enjoy using your diffuser. You can turn it on when you’re relaxing or when you are working on spring cleaning and need a boost.

Make Your Own Essential Oil Products

You can also make your own DIY home, skincare, or beauty products for the spring. For spring cleaning, make a natural home refreshing spray with water, a carrier oil, and a scent like lemon or sweet orange. You can make soaps, candles, and many other personal care products as well.

I hope these self care ideas for spring gave you some ideas! What’s your favorite way to practice self care and renewal?


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