Inga Wellbeing Review

I’m working in collaboration with INGA Wellbeing to review their hospital loungewear. I chose the lounge pants in nav blue. As a chronic illness blogger I sometimes have the opportunity to review products of interest to the chronic illness community.

During a recent ER visit related to my new Ulcerative Colitis diagnosis I found myself in the unfortunate situation of needing fresh clothes and having to don a hospital gown because I didn’t have anything to wear.

That was an awful feeling!

I haven’t had a long term hospital stay since one of my pregnancies, but do have relatively frequent pelvic surgeries which always has me looking for comfy pants to wear home and during the recovery.

Hospital gowns feel pretty dehumanizing and of course, there’s that dreaded opening in the back!

INGA Wellbeing designs high quality, classic men and women’s lounge wear for long term hospital or recovery stays. The company strongly believes in the patient’s right to dignity, comfort, confidence and independence.

Feeling like you’re dressed is an excellent way to support your mental and physical wellbeing during a long term hospital stay or resting at home. Interestingly, recent studies show that patients who are able to wear day clothes in the hospital spend 0.75 fewer days in hospitals than patients who wore hospital gowns.

Women’s Relaxed Trousers

This classic loungewear is an classy solution for women who would rather not show their legs, or wear compression socks or catheters.

The fabric is buttery soft and a very classic fits. You’ll feel like you’re dressed to go outside if you need to!

Here’s some of the features (from INGA)

* Front panel opens fully, providing access from waist to upper thigh to waist, and is fastened securely with buttons to ensure there is no risk of sudden exposure.

*Leg outer seams are poppered from the ankle to mid-thigh and can be fully or partially opened as needed to allow access to catheter bags or for treatment or massages.

*Wide-leg design hides drains and catheter bags strapped to the leg, and poppers on the ankle can be used to shorten the leg a little, if needed.

*Broad waistband ensures comfort and fit even with changing waistlines.

*Pockets can be used for small drains or for personal items, such as lipsyl or tissues.

*Soft, stretchy, natural fabric ensures maximum comfort and helps regulate body temperature and odour.

I love the quality of the pants. Unfortunately, I asked for the wrong size. I’ve recently lost 50 pounds and wear a medium in American sizes (Old Navy medium pajamas are loose on me) so I didn’t think much about ordering the same size from the Inga.

The pants fit fine from the hips down, and were long enough for my very long legs, but were too tight around the waist. Now, I have just started Prednisone treatment and am on the verge of menopause in addition to my ulcerative colitis diagnosis so that could very well be a part of it too.

I hope to continue to lose a bit more weight so hopefully I’ll be able to use them in the future!

I give Inga the highest recommendation for these extremely well made clothng items, but if you’re an American “apple” shape like me, be sure to take measurements & check with the company if you’re interested in their trousers.

Alternatively you might want to consider their back opening dress. It’s an incredibly flattering dress that I’m sure will give you a great mental boost even if you’re not able to get up.

Through May 8, you can get 50% off all of Inga’s midnight blue range of clothing here. Check it out here!