A face peel is a treatment where an acid solution is used to get rid of the damaged outer layers of the skin. Acids such as trichloroaceticm phenol and al hydroxyl are applied to the skin. A facial peel works magic on the skin as it smoothens out the texture and treats uneven skin pigmentation, blemishes and wrinkles. The peel exfoliates the layers of dead skin leaving a new skin layer with improved tone, color and texture. Some peels can be used for spot treatments to get rid of stretch marks or rejuvenating the skin.

How do peels work?

All peels work by exfoliating or removing the top layer of dead skin to speed up cell turnover. However, the speed of its effectiveness depends on your skin type, the ingredients of the peel among others. One applies a natural or chemical solution to the face to exfoliate the skin.

Types of peels

To know the type of peel to use you need to look at your skin type and know which ingredients will effectively work on it.

1. The beta hrydroxy and hydroxyl acids
These are peels with lactic acid and salicylic acids which are light and very good at combating acne and solving oily skin issues because they allow easy exfoliation by breaking down the bond of dead skin and cells. These peels have acids and enzymes from natural sources like pumpkins and anti-oxidants as well as vitamins to encourage new cells growth.

2. Trichloroacetic acid peels
These are medium strength peels that mainly treat wrinkles, skin pigmentation and sun damage. These peels are slightly uncomfortable and have side effects such as redness and swelling. The skin peel is noticeable and you need more down time after using them, you need a week’s rest. The benefit of using the TCA is you shed many layers of the skin so the face looks more even in tone and the texture is smooth.

3. Carbolic acid peels
The phenol peel is a strong kind of treatment and is used to treat severe sun damage, wrinkles, deep line and scarring. This peel is applied when one is sedate and you will need more down time. The healing process after treatment is at least two months and it has to be full face treatment to avoid hyper-pigmentation.

Facial masks are meant for treating particular skin types. If your skin is dry you use a mask to hydrate it; if the skin is inflamed and red use a mask to soothe and calm it. For congested oily skin the mask will draw out impurities. Masks are used for relaxation, deep cleansing, to unclog pores, gives you a glowing skin and overall helps the skin care products to work effectively.

How do masks work?

A face mask is used to treat your skin condition so choosing the right one is very important. There are facial masks which can be used at home while others are meant for professional use only. Depending on the ingredients of the mask they can be used to tighten, draw out impurities, tone, hydrate, soothe, calm and even rejuvenate the skin.

Types of masks

Clay masks – these contain bentonite, clay and kaolin for effective drawing of dirt and oil from the surface of the skin. The ingredients have sebum-absorbing and tightening effects.

Gel or cream masks– they are specially formulated for nourishing and hydrating the skin.

Setting masks – they are refreshing and cool and they are harden to a rubbery state and they are peeled off. They are not common because they need to be applied with caution and professionally.

It is easy to make your own facial mask with natural ingredients and it is fun to do it. It is advisable to use organic ingredients to avoid adding chemicals from pesticides on the face.

  • Some ingredients you can for homemade mask and their effects on the skin
  • Cucumber has soothing, healing and cooling effects and it can be used as a home eye pad.
  • Avocado is rich in vitamins and is suitable for sensitive and dry skin.
  • Honey has tightening, hydrating and toning effects.
  • Papaya has an enzyme which digests the protein making it easy to dissolve in the outer skin. It is not advisable to use papaya if your skin is sunburned or irritated.
  • Yogurt has lactic acid which is essential for skin exfoliation. It is can be used for all skin types and it softens the skin.
    Potatoes are used on oily skin and reduce puffiness under the eyes.