Protecting Your Skin With Indian Makeup

February 1, 2021
upset woman examining skin in small mirror

Indian skincare make-up offers a protective shield against dirt, grime, smoke, and the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. It also protects against extremes of temperature, dryness and humidity. Indian make-up is a blend of natural oils, herbs and ingredients that provide a rich texture and long-lasting application. It is suitable for all skin tones because it is moisturising and nourishing.

Indian make-up is generally water-based. A few products include emollients and moisturisers. These products should not contain waxes, starch, alcohol or fragrances because they can cause excessive dryness. The natural oils are nourishing and do not have side effects.

Some Indian products include herbal medicines and botanical oils rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, therapeutic elements and essential fatty acids. The medicinal herbs used in Indian cosmetics contain antiseptic, astringent, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, sedative and styler. A few botanical oils used in Indian cosmetics and beauty products include jojoba, tea tree, almond, olive, sweet almond, grapeseed and coconut oils. Besides, some other herbs are added to give the makeup a spicy taste. The essential fatty acids found in Indian make-up are Omega 3, linoleic, linolenic, stearic and arachidonic acid. Some of the minerals found in Indian make-up are zinc, titanium dioxide, PABA (para-aminobenzoic acid) and vitamin E.

Indian make-up also contains several types of moisturisers that help to keep the skin soft and hydrated. Some products include lip balm that protects lips from the sun and prevents chapping. Moisturisers in Indian make-up products can be chosen according to the type of skin used to apply them. Most products are suitable for normal skin tone, but if the skin is oily, special products containing salicylic acid or glycolic acid should be used. If the skin is dry, the make-up should be applied with a light hand as extra oil may worsen the condition.

Indian make-up is generally water-based. It does not contain oil, waxes or petroleum products that can clog pores. Some of the common ingredients used in Indian make-up include rose water, milk, honey, and turmeric powder. Rosewater is a good moisturizer, while turmeric powder helps to retain moisture on the skin.

A type of cosmetics called lip gloss contains natural oils that nourish and protect the skin. Other types of lip gloss, such as liquid foundation contain moisturizers that help to cover up blemishes. Makeup base is a special solution containing sunscreen that prevents damage from UV rays. It also keeps the skin soft and smooth by providing a natural barrier against dirt, grime and dust.

Indian make-up is rich in minerals and vitamins. These provide a healthy glow to the skin. Some of these minerals are calcium, silica and iron. Calcium is used for treating dry skin, and silica helps to prevent premature wrinkles. Iron helps to retain moisture on the skin and soothes redness and irritation. These minerals and vitamins can be used both by people who want to have a radiant complexion and those who want to have healthy skin.

Indian make-up has many advantages over typical American make-up. This kind of make-up provides natural protection, is non-acnegenic, and easy to use. The ingredients used are safe for sensitive skin and do not cause any harmful side effects. Indian cosmetics are affordable, and they provide lasting results. One should try it to believe.

Many people still do not trust traditional products. They are afraid of the ingredients that are used. Some people still do not like the idea of a product being made in a foreign country. Fortunately, Indian products are made in the same manner as American products, using all natural ingredients. Today, there is no reason for consumers to look for an Indian brand when they need makeup.

Using Indian cosmetics helps to remove dead skin cells from the face. This keeps the pores from becoming clogged. As a result, the skin looks fresh and radiant. It also helps to remove the blemishes on the skin. These blemishes often make the skin look dull and old but using Indian products makes it look smoother and younger.

Many dermatologists recommend Indian skincare products. This makeup contains ingredients that provide nourishment to the skin and protect it from damage. As a result, the face looks beautiful and young-looking. By using makeup, you will ensure that you remain beautiful for many years to come.

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