Did you know the 9th of June is called the sex day? Did you miss it ? A relationship expert’s advice for the year

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Sex Day, a day of festivities observed on Monday (9/6), brought attention to the significance of caring for sexual health and well-being: how to improve it. Giovane Oliveira, a sexologist, contends that it is important to overcome the stigma around the act, especially in situations where it has persisted for a long time.

We believe that sex is a completely normal topic of conversation when we think of young people, but we overlook couples who have been together for longer. They tend to put sex on the back burner when so many daily difficulties arise. My personal mantra is always to discuss everything on the agenda. So, for example, if we’re going to discuss our myriad of issues, it is only natural to discuss sex as well, not just sex toys. “The first step is to discuss how you feel, how things are going, and what you’re looking for.”

Experts offered four sexual recommendations to put some excitement into your sex life. Have a look at:

Tip #1: Before I divulge my recommendations, you should be cautious of increasing the temptation to experiment with new sexual things like thinking, “It’s all a lot of sex, it’s not me,” since this may be harmful. Do you have a burning urge to do something? If you don’t feel like it, forcing things to happen is impossible. The first piece of advice is to discuss what it takes to commemorate a day for sex or any other day of the year.

Tip #2: “In addition, you should try to explore different locations in your house while avoiding anything risky in the street. The goal is to explore a place that the individual feels comfortable in, but yet introducing some novelty.”

Tip #3: Look into sex without penetration. Below the neck, along the chest, and in a few spots. Most people wouldn’t even consider it as a possibility. It stems from a way of thinking about men and women and sex: men think about sex more than the penis, but the downside of this is that once you limit sex to just one place, the rest of the body becomes less important, but the whole body should still be stimulated. It is thought that around 70% of women have never had an orgasm, while many of those who have had sex education and sex instruction have received it without ever touching their vagina. While I’m not suggesting penetration is a negative thing, it’s essential to recognise that there are other sources of pleasure in the body than genital stimulation.

Tip #4: accessories. Wagers on the usage of vibrating bullets, lip-sized suckers, and other sex toys, such as bullets, which are smaller than lipstick and are used on the perineum, for example.

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